The Kebun Trip That Didn't Happen

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's a public holiday. Adani asked me yesterday what would we do WHEN it snows today. Hmmm .. we don't get snow, dear. We get the sunshine. Yikes!

We (the clan of Cikgu Samat) were suppose to spend the morning chopping down errant bushes and generally maintaining the kebun (or orchard) my dad has kept awsomely in shape well before he retired, somewhere at Rawang.

We're supposed to pick the many different varieties of fruits (durian dah habis season) and vegetables and whatnots. We're supposed to bentang a large tikar under the durian tree and eat breakfast. And probably take shelter in the little hut if it gets a little too hot, whose pillars are the actual ragged trunks of manggis trees originally felled from the same kebun.

The kids were excited to hear that their Wan has populated the pond with some little fishes where you normally pay a hefty RM34 per pair of feet for a little deadskin feast for those poor fishes. Safe to say, they've been saving their deadskin for those fishes.

Me? I'm looking forward to my mom's nasi daun or rather herbal rice made from this pucuk lemuni (eh betul ke?). It's speckled grey in colour with sambal ikan bilis and cucumber slices for condiments. In my effort to poorly meet my mom's effort halfway, I baked 18 of those Mexican Coffee Buns and they're sitting in the kitchen, all 15 remaining buns or less now that Aliya & Asha are downstairs.

But my dad texted me early in the morning to say that the kebun trip was off as they had to rush to Kuantan to attend the funeral for my Pak Ndak's mother who passed away early this morning. Al-Fatihah.

Okay, okay. I know ppl should write about what has happened. Since it didn't, I thought I should write about what would've happened but did not. Hehehe. We are off to some shopping malls now to satisfy some itchy, restless little feet of the residents of the house.

Me? Off to eat those buns.

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ery kumagai said...
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ery kumagai said...

(of irrelevant topic altogether)

how to make tht sassy banner/logo/icon/whtevaunameit same as ur superb razzledazzle kt sebelah tu.

pecah kaca pecah gelas, sudah baca harap balas

Gartblue said...

ery .. *jawapan completely irrelevant to post* .. i didn't make it. I bought (hic!) it from .. itu hari diorang ada sale and it's okay ler jugak ..

JoKontan said...

Ajim bangun pagi semalam pun dok bertanya...

Abah mana snow ?

He he.

mosh said...

must've been the prayers came true from the fishes for the fear of choking on hairs...

didn't it rain that day?

Gartblue said...

jokontan .. haah .. diorang ni kemaruk nak tengok snow ler. btw, we were at ikano semalam .. at the concourse area tu, now ah jadi macam blizzard kat UK .. they had the polystyrene balls all over the place .. and you have many many bebudak making snow angels on the FLOOR .. makbapak pandang aje la .. seronok jugak.

mosh .. *lepuk* .. cisss ingat jugak! it drizzled aje kan ?

ery kumagai said...

oh iye kah begitu?

terima kasih di atas tunjuk ajar.


Anonymous said...

horror in the pond: little fish choked on big clumps of hair!

well, that could've been the news headline for today

Anonymous said...

horror at the pond: little fish choked on big clumps of hair!!

Anonymous said...

ooopss heheh