First Day of School .. Halfway Through .. Sigh!

Monday, January 5, 2009

We're home. Let me tell you how Lil'Garties' first day of school went.

I made dua to Allah to "permudahkan segala urusan" today and Ariz was suprisingly okay today. Minus the first hour spent clinging on my hips and then I switched class to Teacher Rani's Titanic class (it's a bit pessimistic to be naming a class after a sunk ship, dontcha think?).

This class has about 9 boys out of 15 and Ariz agreed to sit in the class. We snuck out and went for brekkie with fellow parents and came back at 11:30 and upon dismissal, we came running to me, tears streaming down his cheeks. After a great big hug, he started to ease and smile again. He said he "cried sikit" aje in the class and no mention about tomorrow. Hmm. I'm hopeful. Alhamdulillah.

Adani will be in a new class today, Teacher Jaya's class who's rather strict but a very efficient teacher. A veteran at preschool, Adani went in the class nonchalantly and kissed me goodbye. Once class is dismissed, she came to me a little teary-eyed. Yikes! First day, I said to myself.

Standard 3. While waiting for Ariz, MrGart arrived at the preschool with Asha in tow, tears streaming her face. She has refused to join her class at KAFA and now under a stream of threats by MrGart. Sigh!

She's getting ready for SKBJ now and she seems alright. Agaknya esok kena suruh diorang ni naik van/bas, sebab kalau Mummy/Daddy ada, semua jadi kememeh.

Just tired. We're off to fetch Aliya and send off Asha to school. Then send Aliya to KAFA and then maybe take a nap-beramai-ramai before fetching Aliya again at 4:45pm.

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

ery kumagai said...

selamat bercuti


Gartblue said...

ery ... Your end any better ?

Lana said...

oit! cuti lagi ke? hmm.. so lucky!

butterflutter said...

This year the father punya turn to handle Afiq's 1st day of school. Setakat pegi cari class aje pun. My 2 girls as usual part bangun tido je liat skit after 2 weeks of no school.

Yg pening kepalanya Afiq sbb kena make sure 4 pelajar tahun satu ready at the gate when Aunty huda sampai for pick up

When I called he said: "Mama ingat senang ke nak cari 4 org?"
3 boys and 1 girl. AJ's Adam included.

zan said...

agaknya ada you all lah yg semua kememeh...takpe2 esok all the Garties will be fine :)

i still boleh lepak, anak belum std 1 ..yes!!

Anonymous said...

anak aku macho je first day of school and KAFA. takde hal nye lah haha

tumpang reply butterflutter:
i can imagine the stress that afiq went through, nak2 ada adam kat situ heheh

Gartblue said...

lana ... cehs .. apa nak buat? karang tak pegi langsung, burn duit makcik ..

butterflutter .. whoohooo .. bestnyer .. should try to just ignore them tomorrow.

zan .. haah, pandai betul you cakap ye .. cis cis cis .. mentang2 la nael is not quite okld enuff ... hehehe ..

screw .. itula .. aku rasa aku ada yang dia kememeh semacam je .. lepas tinggal okay je pun .. mengada!

ery kumagai said...

mine besok start. i rasa dia over excited tapi masalhnya nnti kang dia nk bwk balik toys/any stuff from school. dh terjadi aritu masa pegi byr fee and ambik uniform. tergolek2 dia nk angkut bwk balik cds.
huhu...hilang keayuan mommy dia ni handle the scene