Happy 11th Birthday Aliya!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aliya turned 11 yesterday, 9th January 2009.

She's ecstatic to reach this age. I'm actually aghast to realise that I have a daughter who is 11 years old. Never mind that she's about 1 cm shorter than me and will easily overshoot me in about a week. Never mind that she can now wear my shoes and is smirking all the time too.

Aliya eating her cake.

Aliya blowing the candles on her cake, surrounded by Ayisha, Adani & Ariz.

Happy Birthday Aliya!

14 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

happy birthday, gal. many happy returns. bestnya own baked cake!

Gartblue said...

lana .. she sure deserves one .. yup own baked cake .. I forgot to turn the cake so that MrGart could take a picture without the patch where the ganache didn't reach .. hahahah ..

Nina Zan said...

She's that tall?

Give her a hug and a kiss for me. *From Che Na*

Lollies said...

11 already? cepatnyaaaaa! soon she is going to be an anak dara.

Ummu Layth said...

wah such a big girl oredi. kejap lagi baligh la tu! have u prepared urself for that conversation, puan gart? heeheheheh!

that cake looks delicious!

Gartblue said...

nina .. or rather, mummy a bit sshorties? Hahaha .. Will do, babe ..

Lolls .. Anak dara u .. Pakai pun tak main ler
yang seangkatan dengan adik ..but lucky for us, we never associate brands withher, so x demanding like some girls i know. Scary ..

Ummulayth .. Baligh? scary babe .. We have discussed it generally to prepare her after her cousin reached baligh-hood at 10 but not her time yet ... And mummy sangat teruja anak ku telah besar ..

theotheraj said...

happy birthday to aliya.. tak lama lagi, mrgart kena start bersilat la, nak tepis all the terunas...

Anonymous said...

May Allah Bless Aliya Always !!! Gondai Jr will be 11 also in August....time really flies !!

famyGirl said...

happy birthday aliya!!! cake looks yummmm... *hugs untuk birthday girl*

saja nak tanya, among your kids, siapa yang minat baking like you?

zan said...

happy birthday aliya..11th? wow..n she is so lanky!

cake looks yummilicious and huge too :)

Gartblue said...

screw .. haha .. part boys tu, scary jugak, but right now, dok bergayut telefon aje .. but so far, just girls ..

gondai .. oh yes, gondaijr too will be 11. and he's your youngest whereas aliya's my eldest ..

famy .. hmm .. ayisha likes to watch and help. Adani loves to watch and helps. Aliya helps me ice the cookies, sometimes but she doesn't show that much interest unlike the other sisters. ariz just likes to eat them. hehe

zan .. lanky eh? oh wow .. i haven't heard that word in a while. I'd lvoe to say she's lanky like me, but she's tall like MrGart. But she takes on my posture which is a big deal to me. I keep telling her it's ojay to be tall, you don't have to crouch to be at par with your friends.

MrGart was telling that when he was growing up, his parent forbade him from wearing any shoes with heels for for alienating their son. His sister even crouches and it's a bit unsightly too. But I guess, Aliya and her siblings hear me to always, always stand tall, regardless. eh, panjang la pulak.

butterflutter said...

Wow the cake looks georgeous. Mesti yummy.

11,12,13 ....cepatnya anak2 ni membesar. Tau-tau nanti I terima kad undangan :-)

elisataufik said...

MasyaAllah.. your cake... looks.. SO.. YUMMEHHHH!!!!

Happy 11th Birthday Aliya!!
Ilham turns 11 in May. I pun macam tak percaya..
Tapi sungguh suka bila orang tengok dia and say "that's your son??? but you look so young..!" ahahah kembang lah sat.

JoKontan said...


9th Jan !

Afiqa (me eldest) is sixteen on the same date !
She just told me, she never met anybody who has the same birthdate with her.

with blogging this is the 2nd person who has same birthdate..

Happy Birthday Aliya !!