Disgusted And Helpless

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm at work today. Cancelled my leave today as I thought the kids would be okay. Ariz & Adani were to go to school with their favourite aunt, Nobita and that took the edge and whine of Ariz. Called Nobita and Ariz was rather cembeng a bit when Nobita dropped off Imran & Adani at their classes. But when Teacher Fazillah took his hand, he willingly let go. Alhamdulillah. Now life can go on.

I feel helpless.

I feel such disgust and utter hatred to what's befallen our brothers and sisters and children over at the Gaza Strip.

I feel such strong emotion and could not stop tears from flowing from my eyes at the mere sight of children, young children the ages of Ariz and Adani, bodies broken and burnt from the shelling and the fathers whose legs are paralysed at the sights of their dead children, sobbing at their feet.

May Allah grants mercy to our stricken ummah.

May Allah brings down its soldiers onto these musyrikin.

But we, the ummah should collectively do something. I was listening to Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki this morning (the Muhammad saw's Makkan Period CDs #10) and he was discussing the commercial embargo imposed on the Banu Hashim & Banu Mutta'lib by Abu Jahal. This was when Banu Hashim refused to hand over Muhammad saw to Abu Jahal.

The Quraishites imposed the infamous sanction and caused sufffering among their own for these difficult 2-3 years. But one Hisham bin Harith (who's not part of Banu Hashim but has maternal relatives in Banu Hashim) went to Zuhayr bin Al Muhayr (not sure of the spelling here) to plan for ways to stop the embargo, seeing the suffering their fellow relatives endured. They were in such hunger that they would just grab leaves of the trees and eat them.

Anyway, Zuhayr asked that Hisham get him another men, and then the fourth and then the fifth. These 5 brave men then, during the Quraishites Assembly near the Kaabah started the ball rolling to stop the embargo. And they did.

The lesson here is that, one man CAN do something. It just took one man to start it all going and in the end the embargo ended. By the time, they wanted to tear the agreement posted inside Kaabah, they found that termites has eaten it all except for the name of Allah. Allahu Akbar! Soldiers of Allah, only Allah knows.

He also mentioned that since the time of Musa a.s., Allah has not sent any miracles to any ummah. Therefore, it is up to us to unite and work together.

I'm not sure what I could do, but I know I could make du'a to Allah for the victory and the lessening of the suffering. And I know too that what little money I could spare would help. I hope you do too. Insyallah.

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

famyGirl said...

sedih sesangat kan? :(

i was almost sebak bila tengok berita and reminding my kids how lucky they are and how thankful they should be. masa tu amik peluang bebel dan ungkit sikit time-time they refuse to finish their food or buat perangai etc.

my prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

zan said...

so sick kan? sedih sangat..i read what datuk jamilah saw at the the border (kat Star smlm), she saw everyday 10 children bodies were brought out with sniper shots in the head! how cruel these animals!!

i pray for the palestinians and hope my ciput donation will get to the people, insyallah.

Nina Zan said...