Tanned And Tired

Monday, June 1, 2009

The weekend was 2 real hectic days for us. Ceh ceh ceh .. macam AJK pulak bunyinya.

The Bukit Jelutong Karnival was held at the padang 2 blocks away from our house throughout the weekend. We've had a karnival almost every year but this year took the cake as it was significantly bigger with corporate sponsors particularly TM. There were many many white tents and there was a huge air-conditioned domed tent hosted by TM where there was a stage for activities.


We set out early. Had Mee Udang Banjir. Delicious! And wandered about. My excursion was cut short as Ariz saw a Kuntum mascot, then a Blue Hyppo and then a clown! Sigh. Even Teacher Badri couldn't calm him down. He just wanted to go home. I obliged.

Aliya, Ayisha and Adani were freely going around meeting friends and playing games and stuff. I looked around and there were a lot of boys and girls, of whom I've seen them grow and I feel somewhat contented that this was why we chose Bukit Jelutong. The camaraderie was real and the community is so alive.

Neighbours and friends were abound. This is akin to Ramadhan at the Masjid. The air os festivities and the air of familiarity. And the venue was very very suitable. Apart from dekat rumah I ler. The newly built d'Bayu has great impressive toilets, I learnt. And because it was sited at a slope of a hill, it was instantly bayu-ed i.e. banyak angin.

The padang where the football matches were held. Saturday we had the MBJ United International Football Tourney 2009 for the Under-7s to the Under 14s. BTW, MBJ stands for Masyarakat Bukit Jeluong. Apt, isnt it?

Our very own Under-11 won. yay! I'm waiting for Ariz to be mature enough to participating before calling myself a SOCCER MUM!

I saw Koreans, Brazillian Football School, Vietnam or Laos and some other international schools participating. And all manners of coaches, many of them sporting huge huge pot bellies. Hahahah.

Sunday saw the many veteran matches for residents. MrGart spent the whole day at the field, plotting his fellow neighbours how to win. Hmm, they did win 3rd place, but not without injuries.

I was in blue tudung, sitting out waiting for MrGart's tug-of-war event, with friends and beighbours. They girls have just spent a small fortune and had to sit out with us since Mummy's completely dried up (money-wise).

Saturday night, we milled about there again, for performances and fireworks display. The weather was cool and kids were running around on the field, under the moon. Parents chit-chatted as usual.

There were a few Shuffle competition and I stood gaping. Fooh .. these boys sure have such hairstyles these days. Ruffled hair, highlighted and some have red hair. Hmm. BUt they shuffled well, I thought. Ariz was all eyes. The girls too. *rolls eyes*

Ooooo .. Sheikh Muzaffar, the astronaut was here too, for a few hours and I got to ogle and drool over him in person but not close enough to shake his hands, for fear of ter-hugging him. He's really gorgoeous in person, no touchup!

Sunday morning, I was out at 7:30am with Ras for the Taichi, Line Dancing, Aerobics and Poco-poco. And I had BLAST!

Taichi was subdued and I was sweating profusely. Aerobics was great but the poco-poco was the best fun. We twirled and we whirled and we stepped and we spinned. The instructor was great and the participants were very cooperative. The Line Dancing was all over the place for us, non-line-dancers so we just danced freesstyle in the middle of the stage. It was truly fun.

BTW, I emerged from the 2 days of karnival, tanned and penniless. I had 4 new tudungs (damages best left unknown for fear of MrGart's volcanic eruptions) and I spent a small fortune on some supposedly original crocs at half the price. For me and each of the girls. A neighbour was selling off her grown children's toys and she;s known to inly buy original ones. Grab grab grab. I even got an IKEA kiddie round green table for RM45. Hahah. A steal, really!

So, to those *points to Combi & Elisa* who are still mulling over where to stay, consider BJ. Disclaimer: I welcome any commision.

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elisataufik said...

you got me at "The weekend" ...


Tapi rumah 1.5 mil babe... mana nak korek duit.. :P

Intan Saleh said...

allo.. kita mmg nak duduk BJ la sebab tengah2 between umah mak kita and umah mak mertua kita. tapi nak sewa je for 2 years. sebab kita tatau la nanti kita dapat hospital mana kerja after housemanship.

so klau ada orang nak sewakan rumah area situ lemme know tau. we are looking to move in sometime in dec/jan.

bila laki kita dah jadi jutawan kita beli rumah sampai dua macam awak ok.. hehe..

Gartblue said...

elisa ... the new ones mmgla priced at single digits with decimal points .. but if you wud consider not-so-new, then options should be plenty .. *passes over RM2. meh I top up!. cukup tak?*

intan .. that figures .. ye la. betul2 halfway .. 2 weeks ago in our mailing list, someones was asking for rent info. generally rent is between 1100 to 1700 rasanya. best if you drive around and look for yourself. or I can give you my agent's number, zahid. he is really nice, seriously.

mosh said...

what's a shuffle competition?

Gartblue said...

mosh .. a footwork kinda dance .. mostly boys .. rasanya la .. you're obviously a different generation altogether .. and me too.

Anonymous said...

MBJ stands for Masjid Bukit Jelutong... the original football club before taken over by the current management.... hence "MBJ United" - Mr. Gart(still nursing the injuries suffered on Sunday!!!)

theotheraj said...

i thought MBJ = men bonking jandas