Abang Micheal Dah Tak Ada

Friday, June 26, 2009

He's dead. I pray that he died a Muslim. Insyallah.

It was so shocking to hear about it in the car this morning. Not that I knew him in person. But I love his songs.

Jangan jeles ye kawan-kawan .. I was one of the thousands who were at the Stadium who rocked and swayed and shouted at his one and only concert in Malaysia. And that was in *counts* at least 12 years ago cos I wasn't married yet.

I was there with GartRed and a childhood friend, Nazli (whatever happens to him, I wonder). We were so sengkek that where we sat, he looked like a kerengga. Tiny. But the huge screens helped. That was after his Bad album and I remember getting hooked on Man In The Mirror, Black and White and who could've missed You Are Not Alone.

Suprisingly, when I was chatting with friends, somehow BigKahuna mentioned that she too went to the same concert. And since she was sitting so close to the stage (nampak sangat kitorang sengkek), she could actually see him lip-synching some songs. Yikes!

Lucky for us, I could barely make out his nose and that's supposed to be prominent, let alone his lips. Haha.


I thought he was a great music influence to me. Like Madonna. Yup. I love her. And Anuar Zain. Hmm .. maybe that one I should keep a secret eh?

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