Pukul Berapa Sekarang, Bapak Harimau ?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pukul karang !


This morning, I thought I was late since when I glanced at my dashboard, the clock showed 7:28am (hampeh, lagi lambat from semalam by satu minit) and my fuel tank was nearning E, very very close.

So, I drove as usual, singing to Anuar Zain's (after IKIM's Ustaz Zawawi's Major Signs of Kiamat short leacture). After Subang Toll, I stopped to refuel and traffic then on seemed a little heavy. But I figured, since I was already late, I might as well enjoy the morning.

Then it hit me, eh, takkan la Ustaz Zawiwi bercerita sampai dekat 7:50am. Check phone. Heh! Sapa pulak yang menekan-nekan jam dalam kereta ku. It's actually 8 minutes cepat! Fooh, makcik terpakca mencilok sedikit sebanyak. So alhamdulillah, clocked in at 8:04am. Yay! FYI, kitorang now (atas kebaikan hati orang2 tingkat 3) ada grace period of 5 minutes before you're officially late and screwed.

Anyhow. The story of this post is that, we have many many time-showing devices in the house. From watches (MrGart and the kids aje, since I stopped wearing watches since I carried Ayisha, about 8 years ago) to wall clocks, alarm clocks that beratur atas shelf, hand phones and the latest addition is a azan clock that my mum gave us.

There's only one little snag.

MrGart is a believer in cheating time. He thinks that if he sets the clock 10 minutes early, he gains 10 minutes. I for one, NEVER subscribes to this school of thought. I in fact, have tried in vain to tell him that it doesn't work like that. But I like said, IN VAIN!

So, now, the clock upstairs is 15 minutes late (which is seriously mengabui mata). The digital clock downstairs tells the right time (according to my phone, according to the RedFM), the azan clock typically is later than the azan from the masjid (this could be due to salah baca, bulan ni bulan berapa) and the clocks in 2 cars can vary between +2 to +15 minutes.

If my kids aren't confused yet, I am so proud of them But I am confused.

Today was much worse, since ada orang fiddled with my car's time yang +2.

The immediate concern is that upstairs clock has got to be fixed, but it's so high and there's a huge TV cabinet that I need to spread my thin self over before I can blardy reach it. So MrGart's perfect for the job. It's just that he doesn't think anything is wrong with the constant confusion of what time it is now, at all times.

So, how now brown cow?

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

mrgart can geng with my wife, she got her handphone and watches to be +5 minutes.

aku, follow time on astro's decoder. on time for the shows haha

Gartblue said...


eh, betul jugak tu .. will change mine to meet the astro la ..

mosh said...

spreading yourself thin is definitely a tall order babe.

as far as i can remember, screw was never a habitual latecomer, and yet he's screwed anyway.