The Haze Is Back

Friday, June 12, 2009

I hope not with a vengeance. *yikes*

But it sure was hazy when I set out for work this morning. Bkt Jelutong is quite green but I looked at the horizon and it looked awfully hazy.

Not unlike the cold fog in the frosty mornings at Crescent Park, Peterborough where I walked each morning to go to college which dissapeared when the sun warmed the air and thawed the frost. I half-expected to see the veil of fog lift before my very eyes but it just lingered on. I saw few joggers today, instead of a batallion of them usually. I did not envy them today.

Right now, Bangsar is shrouded in a thick haze. Good thing is that I don't smell the smoke like I did in BJ on Monday. Yikes!

And reading the papers this morning further dampens one's spirits too.

The haze is back.

WHO declared a pandemic on the flu.

Possible water shortages and rationing in store for us.

And the worst is that picture of the bini-pm dengan ex-president-singkapoh. That made the hairs on my back stand straight. Who's scarier? Definitely the stodgy woman. *slaps hand*

Anyways. Late last year, I had the priviledge to sit through an Energy Lecture with the man in the picture, the slitty eyed, old man. And I was in awe of him. The minute he walked in, you could feel his presence, strong and unwavering. When you hear him speak and his gestures, he's very commanding and very opinionated and very much influential. He spoke from his mind, never needing a full script like most politicians do. Even in his frail frame of an old body, his mind was ever so sharp.

But the haze is back, people. It's back. *sighs*

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