Thursday, June 11, 2009

Semalam (or was it the day before), front pages of the dailies were about whether English should be made compulsory to pass for SPM. It was a poll, I read and not yet a decision. Brickbats aplenty, I should think, for the one asking.

Personally, I think it should be okay. Walaupun saya cakap English boleh tahan la, tapi saya rasa English ni senang sikit la dari bahasa ibunda saya, dari segi SPM. But to make it compulsory for all walks of life, yikes!

Let me tell you this. The minute you make a subject a MUST to pass if you wanna pass the exam, you have problems.

Bahasa Malaysia is not a hard language, seriously. If you're speaking it la. But if you're taking an exam on it, I can tell you, it's a killer. The objective questions can kill you, but the Karangan will just chew you up and spit you out. Mercilessly.

It's oh so darn hard. Did I tell you that during my trial-SPM exam, I passed with Grade 2 (which is major sin because you a pass is Grade 1) because I got a C7 or was it C8 or F9 on Bahasa Malaysia. What made that especially hard to swallow was that I scored all As for everything else, including the killer Physics and AddMaths and just the blinking BM.

And to add salt to injury, my father is a BIG BIG proponent of Bahasa Malaysia. He used to mark STPM Bahasa Malaysia papers and I once peeked through the answer sheets and gaped, susah siot! Lepas tu gelak sebab bebudak ni desperate siap tulis note note "Cikgu, saya sudah 2 kali ambik STPM, tolongla passkan saya".

Anyway, going through Aliya's BM paper pun it's quite tough. I've had to peek at the answers to confirm my guesses.

Sigh ..

And that 's why saya berazam nak blog dalam BM every now and then. Boleh ?

BTW, the title GUMBIRA is the state of me at the moment. Nak pegi Midvalley la ni. Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

BM ni bahasa cakap dengan tulis lain. At my place ni ada tuisyen khas utk BM je and mmg sah le my kids kena pegi for upsr because I pun tak boleh nak menolong.

Oooohhhh mcm2 ada di mid valley. Lama tak pegi..enjoy lah ya gart