Weekend Kalut

Monday, June 15, 2009

Inspired by Roti's experience in her ESQ's training, I vowed to go myself. But since moolah's a little short, I figured I'd send in the girls first. Insyallah, kalau ada rezeki, I will go.

So, early Saturday morning, MrGart sent Aliya & Ayisha who were actually excited to go. Either the uneventful school holidays were boring them to death or they're just genuinely excited. Heh! I didn't sit through the parents' session that morning as I was teaching a Baby Shower Cookies Class at CakeConnection. I should blog about it cos it was one of my lively classes with 9 students. It was certainly fun and the cookies decorated by the students were just stupendously gorgeous.

We picked the girls up at 7pm and MrGart brought us to Al-Rawsha, Jalan Damai, Ampang for dinner for a bit of kebab and chicken madan (eh tak sure pulak la). Food was good but I was so in love with these never-seen-before bottles carbonated drinks. We ordered strawberry and pineapple and they came in unopened twist caps bottles. I twisted it and hurt my palm. Aliya then figured out that you need to press and twist. Duh! But it was good. Food's great, I love bread and kebabs. The kids didn't each much, they just wanted to play at that spin-a-round swing.


On Sunday, I snuck into the hall during the parents' session and I had such an awesome experience in what short time I was there. It was lively, energetic but most importantly I felt the grace of Allah and it was certainly deep. And it was just an hour. I'm not a cry-er but the minute I went in, I felt a little sebak.

We shopped a little at Sogo, since we were at Maju Junction (my first time ever there) and Ariz conned me and made me pay RM103.80 for an Omnitrix. Grrrr!!! We then, broke and hungry left for my parent's at Gombak.

Lepak, makan nangka yang gemuk-gemuk and super-succulent, courtesy of pokok nangka yang sungguh renik yang berbuah dengan sungguh ganasnya. Foohh ... meleleh air luur.

I digress. :)

Well, we came home very late, lepas hantar nangka gemuk-gemuk kat GartRed. Lepas tu tidooo.. Penat.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

Did they like it? What did the girls say?

Anonymous said...

asyik makan je. no wonder la.

mosh said...

kids are starting to figure out things better you do already? gosh you are old!

Gartblue said...

roti .. *hugs* .. thanks babe .. ayisha loved the second much more than the first, tapi on the first day, she said it was great still. Aliya had a lot of photos of hers taken (since dia duduk depan sekali) and she looked like she had a lot of fun. bila tanya, dia kata "ok aje" but the pictures did speak 1000 words ..

screw .. patutla cun?

mosh .. darn it! i let that slip, didn't I? but you'll always be OLD-ER ..