School Is Out

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yesterday was the beginning of a 2 weeks school holidays for the kids. And I can vouch that the bickering and the restlessness set in very early, even on Saturday. Hehe

Mimi & Farah, Aliya's bestfriends slept over the night before and Adani & Ariz fought for Aliya's attention. Ayisha wanted to be included as well. In the end, I concluded that our house may not be the perfect place for sleepovers for tween girls. Too much distraction.

Did I tell you that Ayisha failed her Math paper this PKSR1 ? You see, this took me a lot of courage to write because I felt seriously like a failure myself when I saw her paper. The only consolation is that she can do the addition or subtraction or multiplication or division BUT she completely does not understand and unable to resolve the problem. So even if the calculation is right, it's all wrong since that's not what the question was asking. Sigh! *termenung kejap*


We are driving up north on tomorrow night as MrGart has a work engagement on Thursday and we will bunk down at my auntie's at Alor Star for a while. We should be back on Saturday. The girls have been pressuring us to take them to Genting Highland. But in light of the current non-cash-rich situation we have been for a long time now, that's a little too over the top for us.

We may just go to one of those theme parks, the top in THEIR list is Sun-way Lag-oon. Hmmm We'll see.

Apart from that, nothing much is planned. The girls are slated to attend the ESQ for Kids session on the 13th June and we're going to Pulau Redang on the 19th June. So, I hope the kids will not be too restless until the 19th JUne.


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theotheraj said...

sg petani got waterpark what.. carnivale something something.. can jump in with track bottoms & 3/4 jeans/pants..