Ariz's Best Friends

Friday, June 26, 2009

Being the only boy and a rather mischievous one at it has a little snag in that the sisters will soon tire of his rough games and they'll retreat from him.

So, these are his current best friends. A bunch of stegos, t-rex and triceratops. A bucketful of soldiers. Semalam aku terpijak sorang, rasa macam nak bercabut tapak kaki. Grrr!! Eh, macam cerita Toy Story la pulak.

Opps, jangan lupa, Ben10 and HeatBlast and FourArm always keep him company. Especially those nights when Mummy was catching up with missed episode of grey's at midnight.

He, by the way, talks to these friends and that never fail to amuse me. At least he doesn't do like this blogger's 5yo son. Aisey, Dilla something. Now dah lupa.

Apparently, she found his found alone, spender-less on the king-size bed with a HeatBlast in hand. Suspicious, she asked and he replied. It's like a trampoline. Referring to his test1cles. I leave it to your imagination, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

I, if you must know, was laughing so hard, ppl must have thought I'd gone bonkers. I guess boys are a curious lot. I've caught Ariz "experimenting" with his and quickly made a mental note to mrGart to have a little talk. MrGart has never obliged. Ceh!

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