Slightly Hazy These Days

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not my state of mind, dear .. it's the weather!

Or rather that was Fina's excuse for not attending the official gathering 2 hours ago. The excuse I bought and made my own. Hehehe!

Right now, thunder clapped in Bangsar and Adani in her 4th phonecall to me today reported that Bubbles, the cat has just came in the house, all wet from the rain. Hmmpptt! Guess B.Jelutong rained earlier, eh? Somehow, although I feel that Bangsar and Shah Alam are not all that far apart, when it rains, it never seems to rain at the same time.

I've sat in car drenched from the rain and 20 minutes later, arrived at BJ all sunny and bright.

I've driven home, eyes squinting from the glare of the evening sun to a pouring, thunder-clapping and lightning touching the earth at BJ.


We're back home now and I'm at work. We spent 4 days up north and it was hmm rather uneventful. I made 6 batches of sugar cookies for a total of 200 cookies due this weekend. And my finger is burned for holding too many hot cookie trays. *ouch*

So, while the cookies were taking shape in the freezer, we took the kids out to movie. Failing to get tickets to the NightKatMuziumBukanNegara, we managed to get 4 tickets for us, gals to watch Hannah Montana and 2 tickets for the boys for Terminator.

Hahah. MrGart gulped fearing that Ariz would look for me but I assured him that it's robots, mean robots in high tech bikes and guns and lasers, Ariz'd be okay. I also purposely did not tell him which cine we were in, fearing him come and hand Ariz over. Haha

So, us, girls, 3 popcorn buckets and fizzy drinks sat down peacefully in a hall full of teenage and tween girls. Hardly a guy around. Aliya was excited and Ayisha was trembling with excitement too. Adani was so eager to just get away from Ariz, Adani's perennial tormentor.

The movie began to a chorus of ooohhhs and ahhhhsss from crazy, fanatical girls. Everytime scenes like this came on,

I've had to roll my eyes to a bunch of comments of the girls next to ours about the guy's so cute, Hannah's really pretty and all the other girlish-ly comments on tweens can make. *uwekss*

All 3 sisters enjoyed the movie tremendously. I was only looking forward to the "climb" song. That was pretty good. All in all, storyline ain't unique at all, but it did sell well cos it's Hannah Montana!

BTW, Aliya & Ayisha have officially kicked Daddy from using their bathroom. It's off limits to Daddy now. It's theirs!

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

This morning Afiq told me to do the same hannah montana for girls and terminator for boys. Ermmm...let me see lah this weekend.

elisataufik said...

I think I'll just wait for HM to be screened on Disney Channel.