The Garties at Pulau Redang

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is turning into a photo-blog since panjangla pulak if nak tulis sebijik-sebijik.

Ariz trying his luck climbing up a coconut tree. *nasib baik tak nampak tangan MrGart propping him up*

We went in a group of 41 of MrGart's office and there were a couple of young trainees who who doing a lot of photo shoots and they were jumping and pose. So, this were the girls' attempt to emulate. Kakaka!

MrGart and his lovely model, Adani. A natural photogenic and a camera lover. She really loves to pose. *risau gak ni*

The morning. One of my favourite pictures. Looks peaceful and they're at ease. The sea looked calm, the kids looked err busyuk but they all look at ease.

Before breakfast and just after Ariz woke up, obviously pining for Mummy and not in the mood to pose.

Adani. The model. She now hates her layered hair. Sigh!

One of the snorkelling sessions. This was at the resort's jetty waiting for the boat. The kids were all wet from mandi laut at 1pm when everyone else was berehat. Tu yang berkilat semacam aje tu. Ariz especially discovered that the life jacket was a great floatation device. Duh!
At the Marine Park. All of these underwater pics were taken by Aliya. Ayisha and ALiya had a blast, snorkelling non-stop. This trip was truly theirs to own. Mummy, kena ikat dengan Ariz dok tepi je .. habis seluar aku masuk pasir.

Aliya, underwater. Enjoying it tremendously.

Ayisha, a natural swimmer.

And that my friends, were snapshots of our wonderful island holiday. We stayed at Wisana Resort, a locally run resort. And the beach was exclusive to us. Was told that the Berjaya beach was shared among 10 resorts. Tapi the sights of flesh, tattoos and beer cans, just didn't agre with me. Mrgart went for mencandat sotong and came back, exhausted from puking. Yikes ! But the huge sotongs they caught tasted super sedap, goreng tepung. Fooh and then lebih tu, buat sambal sotong for nasik lemak. Foohh!

We had fun.

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

i was worried that you might get caught in a fishing net

Gartblue said...

screw .. nope. pretty mermaids are protected species .. unlike you my dugong friend .. *lari*

rotidua said...

Adani - diva in the making. I love her single pose tuh. Very the.

zan said...

no no no..i like more the pic w her dad..mak aii..nie betul2 model in the making nih.

MissKLSentral said...

whoaa....adani so the model like. Aku nak pi jugak!!!!