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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ayisha at 2 years old, back in 2002.

I wanted to name her Alisha, initially. But my Harfiyah ustaz said that Alisha meant "shelf" or "para" in Malay. Uhmmm.

Then we were talking a lot about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s most beloved wife, Aisha r.a. and I instinctively knew Ayisha was right. I pray that my Ayisha will grow as inquisitive, as bubbly and as knowledgeable, a fraction of Aisha r.a. was.

My Ayisha is rather cembeng, actually. She was born on the 1st December 2000. I remember telling myself earlier that 2000 was gonna be full of babies, a Golden Dragon year and a millenium to boot too. But Allah has other plans and Ayisha was impatient in emerging.

She's pretty challenging compared to Aliya who is less complicated, more obliging and quite agreeable. Ayisha wanted things done her way, her colors, her time and her her and her.

She is headstrong from day 1. Remember the drinking milk from syringe by Kak Jun at 2 months old. She is still headstrong today. Unwavering.

Academically, she's lagging and that worries me to no end. She's a late baby, I heard myself muttering excuses. At Std 1 when she just turned 6, I was coaching her to read. Spelling was a challenge. I had suspicion of dyslexic but that soon was ruled out. Alhamdulillah. Now, she no longer writes b as a d.

Last year, I taught her Maths and all subjects at night and most nights were unpleasant. This year, I thought she has improved and I thought she needed to learn the techniques that I couldn't teach in maths that I sent her to a tuition centre. Just for Maths and BM. Aliya needs to go, so I thought she'd tag along too.

On Monday, MrGart reported that the teacher said that she's lagging and needs to do more maths at home. And I got upset.

So, this week, I thought tuition with Mummy resumes.

Last night. I yelled and I slapped her hand and grabbed her arm. She had tears streaming down her cheeks. She had snoots all over her face. Over a page of addition. My palm hurts today drom slamming the table. My voice got hoarse. The whole street must now know what I sound like, shouting.

This morning. I hugged her. She said that her arm hurts. I said that my palm hurts. And we hugged. I promised to make it up to her. I promised to be better if she would work harder. We hugged.

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mrszee said...

hugs for ayisha....
hugs for the mommy (and a whisper....'sabar')

mamarawks said...

Itu baru penolong kanan yg ajar.. kalau guru besau (re:mr gart) agak2 camne ye?

but insyaallah soon (but not so soon la) she will understand and appreciate your concern...


mosh said...

the whole street knowing your shout because of that it's ok laa. not some other shouts please...

butterflutter said...

Anak 1st obedient. Anak 2nd mmg menuntut kesabaran. That's in my household.
Bab shout tu *sigh sama lah kita.

Hugs to you & daughter. I selalu rasa bersalah dgn Sarah *sigh

gartblue said...

mrszee .. *hugs* thanks babe. mmg nak sabar tu kadang2 sedikit challenging. uhmm.. that's why it's called for in Islam.

mamarawks ... you're so right, girl! the last time (boleh kira dengan jari) Mrgartever took over, the lesson was over in 30 mins and he screamed and got blue in the first wayyy ealier that I ever will ..

mosh .. what other shouts? uhmm like the ones your neighbours are complaining about ke ?

butterflutter .. yup. in mine too. *hugs* .. I always feel guilty for losing it on Ayisha .. sigh!

Sizuka said...

gart, i had that problem with iman too. she was born in yr 2000 like ayisha and she was diagnosed as mild dyslexic. teaching her was a hellish experience to me because of my impatience, the tendency to become the breathing fire dragon. in the end, my hubby told me "dont teach iman. you're gonna make it worse on her self-esteem". *sigh*.. i resigned from being a tutor mum, instead, i only took the mummy role. i think that suits me well.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sedih Che Na baca. Tak baik la Mummy ni. Che Na nak pukul Mummy. Macam la masa kecik Mummy tu terus jadi pandai. Tsk.

Che Na susah nak ajar anak sebenarnya sebab Che Na tak sabau. Sakit tapak tangan tepuk meja tu memang biasa.

Tukar method kot. Masa besau Che Na belajar maths sambil berdiri conteng dinding.

Lana said...

*hugs* same boat. when i read your entry, saya 'terasa', so ada feel sikit mellow. TAPI, baca comment moshie, timbul rasa funny. sampai ke comment rotinina, sudah rasa cam nak guling2 on the floor.

Anonymous said...

sebab tu bapak2 ni, tak sesuai nak ajar anak2 maths ka, bahasa ka. biarlah ibu2 yg lebih memahami. bapak2 sesuai ajar benda2 merapu je

gartblue said...

sizuka .. *hugs* ... with ayisha, someone needs to hold her hands through this .. and Mrgart is wayy too impatient, so I guess, I need to control me eh?

roti .. hahahah .. chena, meh sini ajar ayisha boleh? dinding yang mana, pilih! pilih! psst lunch monday on ka?

lana .. *geleng kepala* .. what did i tell u? emotional roller coaster this entry is. dengan sumbangan sumbang moshi and ajaran sesat nina. hahaha..

screw .. betul! you fathers score when it comes to farting, burping, arm-pits shouting. kan kan kan?

Wiz said...

If only kids could perform at their own pace, if only kids do not have to compete, if only parents do not have to compete...I blame the education system.

My hands are sore, I am guilty.