Home and Away

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am still kicking myself for forgetting to watch Grey's tonight. Grr!!

So, while I was busy downloading and catching snippets and spoilers of Season 5 of Grey's, I found that a new character will emerge. Sadie.

I stared at her in scrubs and I knew I've seen her before. Not personally, within the idiot box.

A little googling and tada ..!!

I knew it! She was Angel in Home and Away. I should admit here that between 1991 and 1995, I was an ardent and fanatic fan of Home and Away and Neighbours. I was. these were soaps, mind you. Downright soaps. But once you get caught into its nasty web, you're in.

I remember watching each episode in the evening or catching it at noon. And I remember Angel very well. And Shane and Shannon (Isla Fisher) and Ailsa and Alf and Fisher and Marilyn and Sam and Sally and OMG! I googled again and came up with this clip of the opening of the episodes in 1993. Click here and remisnisce over the good old days.

Good old days in deed.

Now, I should get into bed. Tomorrow morning it's Pasar Tani and IceBlended Cappucino satu!

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Lana said...

a-ah. i missed GA too la.