We Are the Champions

Monday, July 20, 2009


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Hmm .. Naib Johan is still CHAMPIONS, kan?

Anyhow, since EnScrew has retracted his doubts of me and futsal should never be in the same sentence, I feel no need to lepuk him for a bout a week or two, unless he shoots me another official letter la. He joined us for a training session on Friday and squashed his own doubts and I suprised myself and pulled a muscle or two too.

Well, leaving EnScrew topic now.

Anyhow. Sunday, we had the tourney, official Division stuff. We were short of a ladies team and Fina quickly assembled a team, inclusive of me and mosh and some other sporting gals, plus a few import players. Someone wanted to name us BELASAHAN for reasons best not to be elaborated, but someone wiser came up with Wonderpets purely their lyrics. I've never heard this song but the lyrics in BM is really cool.

Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! kami datang,
Membantu haiwan yang dalam kesusahan!
Kami tak besar,
Dan kami tak kuat,
Bila Bekerjasama semua jadi mudah.
Yeah, Wonder Pets! Yay!
Apa yang penting??
Apa yang penting?

I, for the live of me, never thought I'd be good at futsal. Although I should add that I spent the whole of my 5 years in the UK, following all the games of Manchester United, including chasing Ryan Giggs through the Arndale Centre while he was evading the papparazzi and parading

Cover of "Giggs"Cover of Giggs

through the Old Trafford when they won their Treble, the day before my Final Year exams.

But I never touched the ball. Until Friday.

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Apparently, I played a good defence and striker too, but pancitness took the best of me and I pleaded to play defend. So, all the 4 games yesterday, I played full-time at defend. And managed to not let goals through to Mosh, our goalie. Except when we played the real champion team, Naimah and the gang. Intimidated siut! And we let them scored 4 goals. Chit!

I felt like my lungs were about to burst from the sheer tiredness and pure unfitness of me. But I did hold my fort kinda well and we managed to win 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1. That gave us the 2nd place. NAIB JOHAN! Whoohooo. Moshie kecundang in his team of Perut-Jalan-Dulu. *lari*

MrGart brought his team too but the men's teams were super fast and scarily ganas. Yikes!

We came home yesterday, me with kaki lebam kena sepak dengan penat ya amat, tido sampai petang. Bangun lagi sakit! But I thought we had fun, tremendous fun!!

Whoohoo .. We Are the naib Champions!
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3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

oh yes, i had a great friday evening kat pj, during and after futsal training korang haha

patutnya team pinkman yg dinamakan belasahan ye dak?

mosh said...

apasal la tak bagi nama wonderpads, lagi best!

harlo, we exceeded our KPI ok? was not last :p

zan said...

fuyooooo main futsal!! cayalah beb...i love sports but i think i will never play futsal dan sewaktu dengannya...nampak bughokler...err that is me lerr..

well..congrats!! more futsal games after this aye?