Fantaslistic Concert .. WhooHooo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

*suara sangat serak dan hati sangat gumbira*

Let me tell you this.

Am glad that my kids didn't get to see me clapping, gasping, screaming and singing at the top of my voice and generally swooning at the very sight of Anuar Zain.

And am so glad too that they didn't get to me waving my hands up in the air and whoohoo-ing every time Anuar look at my way.

Am relieved that my kids or MrGart didn't see me with my swoon-ed expresion on my face, hands on my chin, head tilted in a dreamy kind of way, when he belted Mungkin and Terman Terulung.

Am so relieved too that they didn't see me screaming and giggling happily at the very sight of him taking him his jacket and THEN .. his tie. And they didn't hear me when I screamed "ME" when Anuar asked if anyone would help him take off his tie off.


14 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Mrs.A said...

Tumpang lalu Gartblue... It was good wasnt it last night!!!! I loved the four song medley... Teman Terulung was goooood. He is such a charmer!!!! I am carrying my 3rd, and was saying to myself, anak I dapat lesung pipit dia and suara seakan-akan dia cukupla!!!!

Gartblue said...



It was more than good, it was super-good. Insyallah .. betul tu .. dapat lesung pipit or the suara .. you should be sleeping smiling .. hahahha .. sampai termimpi-mimpi you!

Anonymous said...

a gay strip show?

Anonymous said...

malu aku, babe.

zan said...

ish ish ish...

gart, tido mlm tadi tersengih2 ker?

Anonymous said...

dah mandi belum?

MissKLSentral said...

Excited sampai tulis pun terabor....isk,isk. Some friends here are going tonite.....excited mcm hang gak!!!!

No pics with him meh???

mommy@lif said...

i yang tak pergi baca ur entry pon cairrrrrrrr !!!
btw he went to my hubby's company annual dinner last year and dia memang performed best giller LIVE. kakak2 and makcik2 and adik2 manis pon kerumun semut dia macam gula madu cair huhuhuh

Mrs.A said...

p/s Gartblue... I have just got durian runtuh... will be going again tonight, for free!!!!! Thanks to a dear dear old friend of 25 years. Shall I shout your name? will be sitting either 1st or 3rd row.

Mommy@Lif, he was at my hubby's annual dinner too last year... hmmm... curious.... and AZ might have had some doing on me being preggers again!! ;-) ;-)

Gartblue said...

screw .. akin. almost. apsal ? nak ke ?

mrsA .. arghhhhhhhhhh ... OMG! saya sungguh jeles .. 8green with envy*

mommyalif .. mmg cair babe ... he's really charming .. and the smile is just alluring ..

roti ... ala .. kau tu malu tapi MAHU .. kan? kan?

zan .. tersengih macam kerang busuk .. hahahha
missklsentral .. tu la.. aku teruja giler babe .. it was so much fun ..

mosh said...

takde nyanyi lagu kain pelikat ke?

Gartblue said...

mosh .. suprisingly ada... but with a different arrangement and when he asked us to guess, we couldn't until he actually started singing .. that was fun!

famyGirl said...

amboi amboi amboi
you know, ever since you 'declared' your love of AZ sometime ago, each time i dengar lagu dia i musti terus teringatkan you. :)

Gartblue said...

famy ... ahaks .. it was sometime ago kan ? when I came out of the closet .. hahahah .. but he was so worth it .. somehow, not a lot of people quite agree with me .. *points to roti kat atas tu*