School Holidays Are Over .. Sigh!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Although the traffic this morning at Federal Highway was amazingly smooth. Eh, ada accident ke after Batu Tiga before Subang Jaya entry? Alhamdulillah la sebab we were heading towards being late, and then the uncharacteristically no traffic made me wonder if we'd missed a holiday or something. Musykil! Do you know something I did not?


To commemorate the end of the school holidays and the beginning of yet another gruelling semester, I'd like to post the pictures of the Lil' Garties and what they did during the holidays. Though it's just one event we've been too in the one week holidays.

Well, we were at Sungai Petani and went to MrGart's relative's kenduri somewhere in a kampung near Sedaka, I believe. They have a few sheeps and some local goats and Ariz was just ecstatic to see real life goats living on stilt house and even more ecstatic to find a baby goat, domesticated I was informed. Nampak sangat anak-anakku bebudak bandar, sebab sungguh jakun tengok kambing. Datang that lil baby kambing, menjerit macam nak rak... Ish ish ish! psst mak nya pun sama jugak.

See the baby goat behind Adani?

And then once they've gotten tired of feeding the sheeps and goats with uhmm food .. (rumput ke lalang, aku pun tak tau) .. they've discovered a pair of .. oh gosh .. I cannot for the life of me, remember the name of this buai thing! Oh God! Oh God! .. *closes eyes and focuses hard* .. there's an S and then there's an M. Definitely ends with a T. Smaggot? Mock-something .. HAMMOCK!! darn ..

Let's get back to the main story, not my losing my memory bit.

Anyhow. The kids took turns (err only Aliya & Ayisha, Adani is partially trained and Ariz is simply not turn-takers-trained yet) on the hammocks and swung themselves silly.

Ariz & Ayisha sharing a hammock before it turned ugly and Ariz pushed Asha off the hammock. Yikes!

The girls on a hammock. All because Ariz was conquering the other one. Sigh!

Ayisha, being all sweet and girly. Notice the hair? Took me ages to braid her hair like that. Senget lak tu!

Aliya, very very patient with her sometimes-annoying little brother and sisters. Hair in a single braid. Lenguh tangan Mummy!

So, there. My Lil' Garties on a kampung trip.

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

Hammock = bliss

theotheraj said...

hammock = waffle pattern on butt

Gart the Blue said...

mosh .. yup ... bliss, if you don't have an annoying 3.5 yr old bugging you ..

screw .. ko naik hammock nekkid ke ?

theotheraj said...

heh, you snapped a pic? damn it

mamarawks said...

i kecik2 dulu takut naik hammock!! not good in body balancing..

OndeOnde said...

when we siblings we small, our hammock was wade of raffia, colorful! there's pink, blue, green, yellow, you name it! and the hammock was tied under my grandparent's house. Rumah dulu tinggi2 kan, so we were there almost all the time after school, reading books in the hammock kat bawah rumah!!! ahhhh..memories!!