Overdosed On Kambing

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last night MrGart's friend invited us over for a BBQ at his place in TTDI Jaya. He's grilling kambing. Yummeh!

Since the do was after Insya and we've been invited for kambing sessions 3 times and have not invited them over ours, I thought I'd make them a batch of my brownies, all 16 pieces in cupcake liners and ready to deliver.

It was actually a makan-kambing coupled with a friend's birthday party too.

And I can tell you this. It was the bst grilled kambing I've ever eaten. And the mushroom, not too much black pepper gravy was just out of this world. Fooooooooohh ! Sedap giler .. The leat was sliced thinly and it's grilled to perfection. Crispy enough and meaty enough.

I had a plateful of them and were in there with all fingers comot when MrGat came in with another plateful of them yummeh kambings, hot from the plate. Aha! Asha was eyeing mine and I gave her my plate and she just attacked those. Ariz and Adani ate pieces that I gave them while Aliya gave her "eeww" look to any strange things she'd never put into her mouth.

BTW, my brownies went like hot cakes and I overheard some ladies were munching them were obviously taken by them. Hmm. Kembang semangkuk jadinya aku. Dahla makan kambing. Ha ha ha.

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

rotidua said...

makan kambing ke kak?

i'm sure your baking career will take off dengan penuh sukses.

Gart the Blue said...

roti .. bukan sekadar kambing, kambing power .. eh, teringat pulak kat bertique. ada dengar cerita dia ke ?

jill said...

your blog is evil! first, it made me browse btemplate (cool stuff!)and wanting to have a new blog, and then, it made me go out and buy lamb to grill! evil! evil! and dont get me started on the cookies!!! pure evil!


theotheraj said...

smelling like a kambing jugak ka?

Ummu Layth said...

i lurve kambing! and i never can understand the people who don't. ada ke bau? takde bau pun..they're just making up the smell..honestly!