A Break It Has Been

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's school holidays this week.

We went to SP to MrGart's hometown on Friday night and came home by Monday night. We haven't been there in a while and hawkers' food in SP were great.

Anyhow, I was on leave from Monday and only came in today, so am feeling mightily sleepy and rather non-productive.

On Tuesday, I sent off Ayisha with Mosh's Arifah to a EZ Math Clinic at the Muzium Shah Alam. It's a one whole day sort of a camp to teach a bunch of Standard 2s and 3s on Maths techniques. Ayisha needed this badly, I think. Once that day was over, there was a session for parents. I was sitting with this makcik who brought in her granddaughter. She's teaching Agama at a Primary School somewhere near Kastam in JB.

She was telling me how hard things have become for schoolchildren these days. I couldn't help but agree with her as I feel as if it's a hige step from Std 1 to Std 2 and I fear for Ayisha. I may be worrying out of context here, but I really do wish that she'd be okay as it could boost her morale. She enjoyed it tremendously though.

Anyhow, I was very productive on Tuesday. AFter I dropped Asha off at the Muzium, I bundled the remaining 3 kids and off we went for a breakfast at the McD at NKVE. We dropped over my panel doctor as I needed referral letters fro Ariz and myself. Ariz for his out-of-control eczema, infected patches and his itchy-itchy body. Me, errr .. checkup.

Then we went to PastryPro as I needed to get my cookie bags. Done. Wanted to have lunch with mrGart but since he's still in a meeting, too bad.

Went home and dozed off on the couch. Bliss!

Yesterday it was the Std 4,5 and 6 session. Very busy morning as I needed to pick up Azmina (Naimah's daughter) and waited for my parents who were ferrying my niece, Nor. Sent them off. Them off to the friendly specialists at teh DEMC with my parents who were there for their checkups before flying off for umrah.

Expectedly, I was scolded for letting Ariz's eczema spiralled out of control. His neck's scratch has become infected and now he's on zyrtec, prednisolone, atarax and eryfed (which is an antibiotic and I'm still thinking if it's necessary). He's on aquaceous cream after shower with cetaphil, an ointment for the itchy patches and fucicort for the infected scratches.

Arghhhh!!! I'm not sure how long he can keep with taking that many meds. Yikes!

Anyhow, I got the 3 girls registered as members of the Shah Alam library. Yay!

Well, we were at teh fireworks show last night. It started late at 10 instead of the usual 9:30pm. We had a great spot and Naimah's family joined us or we joined their tikar, forgetting ours. The kids, especially Ariz had a field day on the slope of grass and ran like a mad man. The girls were having a girlish night out with themselves and we, adults get to sit and rant about life on a tikar.


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butterflutter said...

Wow banyak aktiviti tu. I baru nak cuti esok and off to JB on saturday. But the break is good as more relax in the morning.

OndeOnde said...

I am having some sort of tuition at home this cuti sekolah..hope that will help to make some progress especially in their maths..Cuti sekolah ummi jadi cikgu pulak kat rumah..

Since I am teaching form 1 and form 2 Maths, I realized that their subjects especially for form 1 is not much difference from Standard 4 Maths!!!! But still ada one or two of my form 1 students couldn't pull themselve thru!! Can't help to think of my own girls!!!!!

Today is already Friday! Cepat jer 9 days is almost over..

Lana said...

balik SP? tak jauhlah dari Kulim, where I am now

Gart the Blue said...

butterflutter ... ooo have fun babe .. a break is great, no matter where you go ...

OO .. we're in the same boat, sis .. btw, i was reading your post yesterday and it's okay, really .. we all cope in different ways .. i'm all for you, sis .. count on me if you need any help .. or share a coffee .. kay babe?

lana .. you're in SP? wow .. i never knew that .. *malu*