Kenduri, Umrah & Gloucester

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Saturday, we the clan, congregated at my Pakcik Awi's place at Bangi for a supposedly small but it turned out to be full blown affair, a doa selamat.

My uncle and his family, including 5 kids are leaving for Gloucester, UK for the next 2 years while he finishes his Masters. I was already green with envy when I heard about it. I gave plenty of food and shopping advice, what not to wear and what to wear, where to shop, when to shop, which shops are the best, where to sightsee and stuff like that. None of the membina-minda advice. Trust me la.

Anyhow, next week they'll fly away. My ailing grandmother's not too keen, naturally. She's about 85 and in a wheelchair and is overly sensitive. But the thing is, my beloved Pakcik Awi has thought long and hard about it and then opportunity came, he's just got to take it. Cross the bridge when you're at it.

Then, the kenduri was also to mendoakan my parents who will be flying to Makkah to perform their umrah for a whopping 34 days! Whoaaa ! Definitely this Raya we have to go back to MrGart's parents. Sigh!

Nobita's concerned cos her in-laws are no longer around and the thought of celebrating Raya on their own is very uhmm un-fun. And of course, naturally both of us are a tad concerned that we have got to cook for our respective families THROUGHOUT Ramadhan.

You see. Every possible weekend or holiday during puasa is always spent at my parents'. We have the best spread for buka puasa and the best company too. My mother's the greatest cook there is, ever! So, pardon me for feeling slightly self-ishness over foods.

But anyhow. I'm happy for them and I pray that their time in Makkah is blessed and it's their time. My mother has even arranged for a maid for my spoiled sister to care for her son. Cis!!


They'll fly off on the 31st and they'd be tears, for sure. The kenduri was very large. I brought ..


and this

and this.

The boxes contained my brownies which dissapeared extremely fast. And the darkish thing, badly photographed piccie is my tiramisu.

I'm sad now.

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mamarawks said...

wau 34 days.. totally puasa and celebrating raya over there... bestnyerr....

insyaallah they will be fine... afterall this is what everybody dreams, aren't we?

Lana said...

bagus that you brought something. me, if my mum kenduri i think i practically bawak perut je. baik punya anak eh?

Gart the Blue said...

mamarawks .. itu la kan ? dapat teh whole of Ramadhan kat sana .. bukan senang tu. Insyallah they will be ..

lana .. mind you .. very rare! ha ha ha .. most of the times, it's me and my preut kosong with 5 other empty tummies .. ha ha ah

rizal said...

Uncle pi UK ..?-- apa lagi apply la pi sana for 2-3 years buat Masters while your kids still young.. nanti one day you'll regret woke up at 3am and say darn I should've done this before! Hehe..
Alhamdulillah parents dapat pi umrah bulan puasa ni.. tapi sana hotel yang dekat2 banyak dah kena pecah so mostly hotel jauh sikit not in walking distance. Seronok terawih tapi siap la nanti doa qunut 30 min ;)

Gart the Blue said...

rizal .. eh the woke up at 3am part tu .. kisah benar ke? *smiles* .. anyway .. me and MrGart did apply .. but I got my scholarship locally instead .. MSc sudah dalam tangan, alhamdulilah. .. on the hotels kat sana tu, hope my parents' hotel relatively nearby .. qunut 30 mins? whooohooo .. lenguh kaki den ..!

Jill said...

ooh..brownies, ingatkan lamingtons tadi. yums!

lucky are the people who have the opportunity to puasa and raya kat sana. bila la nak sampai ni.