Membina Tak ?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Complaint Suggestion sent in this morning. I'm fed up of those very colourful flyers we receive at the front door everytime there's a function. Takut kitorang tak datang ke ?

Can I suggest that CompanyKedekut ceases its practise to send out colorful flyers to the staff for every single event that CompanyKedekut hosts e.g Majlis Perhimpunan Warga Kerja, Sambutan Hari Raya, Deepavali, CNY ?

We have a completely accessible and effective email system and not to mention CompanyKedekut Intranet as well as the CompanyKedekut Newstube.

So, I fail to understand why we would want to :

1. Waste money and resources to print flyers (B5 size is not teensy-weensy size) and efforts to distribute these. Emails and digital reminders suffice.

2. Waste even more money and limited resources to print these flyers in COLOR. Absolute wastage.

3. Increased unnecessary pollution to the environment. Face it. People receive the flyers, read them and toss them aside. Papers do biodegrade easier, but coloured papers bleed harmful dyes into the environment. Please consider the environment before anything else.

Please consider this. This has gone on for far too long. If CompanyKedekut is serious about cutting costs, this should not be allowed to happen.

What's wrong with being paperless and virtual? Haven't we spent enough to improve and enhance our extensive network? Why can't we utilise that? Be green.

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

tak environmental friendly diorang ni kan? i'm 100% with you on the paperless and virtual environment. TAPI, kalau kurang sampah, nanti mr lana merana.. HAHAHA

mamarawks said...

membina la...
I thought most of company that practice e-flyers or announcement?

if not for your case may be not all your staff accessible to computer or network kot? tapi if all dah access its not an excuse to pratice.

p/s: I hate flyers, brochures..bla bla bla... buat semak ruang je.. end up tak baca.. tong sampah jua akhirnya..

Gart the Blue said...

haah .. mmg .. ada ka nak potong bonus aku tapi nak print kaler-maler .. ish ish .. geram babe. BTW, I manaaged to get all om geng budak nakal to send in their too he he he..

mamarawks .. err not mine though ... kitorang masih dizaman batu lagi .. ha ha ha .. tu takut kitorang boikot dia punya gathering la tu .. ish tak kuasa I!

Anonymous said...

what, you don't like it? tak sedar ke all those people are the glamorous ones from the in-house news show??

haha.. seriously, sapa punya idea buat macam tu aku pun tak tau..even the news tv. sebelum ni teringin kot.

JoKontan said...

Swiss Co. di sini sudah lebih sedekad lama mempamerkan kebolehanNya untuk menjimatkan Wang GLC2.

Cuma, Hanya tiga minggu lepas Co. dijemput untuk berkongsi pendapat serta pengalaman dalam Mulatugas Kapasitor Talian Atas V Rendah.


CompanyKedekut.. ha ha haa.

Madam Growl,. sorry merepek jap..

ery kumagai said...

did i mention, i'm one of those flyergirlorwhtevaunameit.
i did bebe...menapak from house to house taroh itu flyer (but not colorful) dlm mailbox potential customers. haha..malam2 plak tu.
but for my case reasonable la kan, cos i tatau email add diorg haha.
tp ur companykedekut tu mmg patut ler..apa salahnya buat ads lawa2 online, then send to all.
cuma..agaknya..bila those old skool yg bg direction tu, susah le sket.

Gart the Blue said...

screw .. they're still at it la screw ..

jo .. heh .. merapu tak pa .. it's welcome here .. u selalau ke datang Kompenikedekut ni? tapi u pegi yang office tepi tasik tu la kan?

olab .. your case, ooo kena la .. sapa lagi nak buat eh? but ni pembaziran yang nyata. tapi dah nama old school, susahler sikit nak berubah!