Bunga Api Telah Kembali Semula ..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Email from my fellow MSc alumni came this morning with great news.

The fireworks are back! From 12th AUgust to 29th August. Hear that girls !

We had such great fun last year. I think we went to about 3 out of 5 nights. And one night, we actually went there in a convoy of 6 cars, with 3 mats on the grass, by the bridge and we literally arranged whose kids on which mat.

Then we ooohh-ed and ahhh-ed and we went whoooa-ed and we went yay-ed! And then we clapped and then we gasped at the magnificence and then walked to our cars, bade good night and left for home. Safistied. For a night highly charged, well spent and mots of all, free of charge.

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