Going Down Memory Lane .. the 80s

Monday, August 4, 2008

Since the petrol price hike, we try to carpool, me and MrGart. It's workable, it just needs to work on. I love the freedom to drive me to wherever my fancy takes me and he goes on site visits a lot. But, we have since tried to make it happen.


This morning on HotFM, the topic was "your fav tv shows".

The deejays were excited over the Thundercats, the Jam and the Holigram (spelling?), Smurfs and all.

I for one could not remember that far back. But I know that I love McGyver and at some point I watched a lot of soaps, Dynasty and Knots Landing too.

The A-Team .. ahhh .. who would miss those. And when I was sitting for my SPM, I was hooked on China Beach and I love Dana Delany (who now plays Catherine in DH). I stayed up late at night on the pretext to study just to watch those.

21 Jump Street too. OMG! And Three's Company showing late at nights. I thought the humour was kinda dark but it was hilarious nevertheless.

And I cannot talk about the 80s without mentioning Rick Astley. Heck! I used "Never gonna give you up" for my prefectorial campaign when I was running for prefect. Ewwwww !

So, tell me your favourite 80's memory.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

do you really want to hurt me?
do you really want to me make me cry?


Anonymous said...

80's? heck, i was like, a toddler. where got tv haha

mommy@lif said...

moero attack!!
mr bean
ninja turtle

all 90's i guess.. heh sorry i'm still young i guess :P

Gart the Blue said...

mosh ... ha ha ha .. hey, I love that song! very the sing-songy and err colourful ..

screw .. err hello!! you're not that young either ..

mommyalif .. tak aci la .. lain zaman ...