Burgundy Turned Pink and Domestic Daughters

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Okay. I'm not a pink person. Never have been. Never will be. So, when Mamachak ordered these cookies, I thought I'd do burgundy. I tinted the fondant and the icing the night before and woke up the next morning expecting a deep burgundy. But found a dusky pinky instead. Grr !

Anyhow I hope she likes them and oh .. Happy 40th Anniversary to Z and R! *for lack of info by Mamachak*

A boxful of Monogram cookies.

A blown up, background trimmed (rather haphazardly) of a Tiered Cake Cookie.

While I was finishing this, I realised that even though my children have become used to having a maid around, for most of their lives, they have somewhat picked up some domestic skills.

When I was busy decorating the cookies, Aliya and Asha took it upon themselves to sweep the living room, pick up the toys, straighten up the room and generally clean the whole place up. Well, they did bicker who got to use the broom first, but heck, i got over the bickering way was back.

But I guess, it helps that Andes, my domestic helper goes on her not-every weekend outings to her relatives. So, some weekends see us on our own. Me washing dishes, cleaning up after the spilt ribena or picking up toys which magically get strewn all over the place every time i blink. Gosh!

I remember MsVogue told me that her wake up call to domesticate her kids came when her son asked the maid to fetch a bottle of chilli sauce from the fridge and Lollies once told me about Sya, while lying on the floor watching TV, called the maid who was in the kitchen to fetch her the remote control which was like few feet from her. But I guess, we mothers, once we see this happening, corrective actions spring into action. He he !

But you see, we never thought our kids could become so complacent to having hired help at home. I for one, at any one time would have a helper when I was growing up. At one point we had two, and that's only because a pair of twins like us were too much of a handful for one.

But it warmed my heart tremendously watching Aliya and Asha so diligently sweeping away the cheerios on the floor and picking up bits of honeyed wheat puff off the carpet. The future's bright after all.

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mosh said...

i grew up without a maid but with 3 elder sisters. and i my parents household, chores were only done by the girls eheheh. we had to do our share by doing the manly man thingy only like sweep the lawn, pull out the weeds and water those growing fruit trees.

Anonymous said...

it's good that your kids are able to do that. adik2 aku, hampas. baju kotor pun tak nak campak betul2 dalam bakul, so used to have a maid to do all the picker-upper.

aku kadang had to tell my two boys off kalau terlebih2 nak suruh the house help amik kan or buat something for them.

mamarawks said...

wahh... kalau mamachak dah place the order... mesti bisnes lebih memberansangkan lepas ni... good profile on you!

Ouu.. we don't have a maid... Myself growing up without maid.. sometimes watched by mom, sometimes by sister, sometimes by maktok (mom side) & sometimes by tok (side)... and most of the times by our neighboor (gi main la tu)... very budak kampung saya nih!..

As of now my two kids were trained to put on their dirty clothes to basket before heading to toilet.. for those using diapers and able to follow instructions also have to thrown dirty diapers in dustbin..

the kakak one still need to be educate to clean up her toys lepas main.. still end up with drama...hhehehe

Gart the Blue said...

mosh .. are u trying to re-establish your manly-hoodness ? and are you now re-connected to your domestic self ?

screw .. i guess you as the eldest had to shoulder ALL the responsibilities .. eh bukan adik kau ramai perempuan ke ?

mamarawks .. I should put a disclaimer on my post that says .. my children who are 8 years and above. The younger ones are still at it. Bukan saje tak nak mengemas, tukang semak terer! .. entah berapa kali la aku nak susuk balik the cushions of the sofa back? entah berapa kali la nak kutip those mummy goat, daddy goat and baby goats as well as their whole collection of ferraris .. and lepas tu, the little pink combs, and dolls and dolls' clothes and the handbags and grrrrrrrrr ..
hang in there woman, kids do grow up .. some seem too fast, others not fast enough. ha haha

Anonymous said...

4, yg rajin nye sorang yg dah kawin tu le. at most, the youngest girl. yg lain, tak suruh tak buat. belum cakap the 2 youngest brothers tu la kan haha

Apria said...

Well said.