Forgetfulness and Ubans

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lack of cash on my Sunday trip to the pasar tani made me skipped the bawangs stall. I figured, I might as well spend whatever cash I have on things I can't get from the nearby maidin store like nangka or those voluptuous pisang berangan.

I figured too that we'd hop over and get the bawangs soon.

That soon was like 4 days later and the night before, I was rummaging through my cabinet looking for the bawangs and grumbled that my maid always put things at illogical places. Cos I was so sure we bought them. Putih, merah and besar, even kentang.

Then Andes told me that "mana ada ibu beli bawangnya?"


Then MrGart sheepishly remembered that he'd left the WHOLE bag of bawangs under the table at our friendly mamak place while we had dinner.


Now ubans. Disclaimer. I have a few, but I'm alright with it. MrGart, on the other hand, has more than a gazzillion. Oppss a little exxageration there! A LOT more than me. He's forever would lie on my lap, konon-konon lovingly la. But then he hands me a pair of tweezers. Cehs!

Told him that ubans will light your kubur to which he says just leave a few. Nanti terang sangat katanya. Ish! So, there I will be, plucking ubans and leaving a few bright ones left.

Men! And they say women are vain!

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

i hear you. mine is so vain, he dyed his recently. reason, nanti nampak shiny sangat on tee-wee.. huh! over kan?

mosh said...

no wonder i have yet to notice any ubans. had been diligently plucked by you

rotidua said...

Biar la uban banyak. Like Richard Gere.

Gart the Blue said...

lana .. aha .. MrGart has never thrown that "shiny on tee-wee" reason on me yet. .. mmg vain mereka ini!

mosh .. my eyes have gone squint for the diligent task of plucking out ubans ..

rotidua .. oooo scrumptious !

elisataufik said...

tapi kalau pluck, tak takut botak ke?

rizal said...

getting older + more uban is OK its a reminder for us. Yang penting the memory -- aku suggest ko read about the 12 brain rules also books from Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa.