Letting It Pass

Friday, August 22, 2008

Warning: Reading subsequent text may lead you nowhere. Proceed with caution.

Sometimes you can only do so much.

Sometimes you just want to stop somewhere and just leave it there and just flee.

Sometimes you've had enough of everything and you just feel like throwing in the towel.

Sometimes life just sucks.

But sometimes never stay for long.

I pine for tomorrow.

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

OndeOnde said...

ahhhhh..talking about life there!

hey! the cookies look soooo adorable!!!!!

theotheraj said...

4pm on a friday. balik, balik!

mamarawks said...

ooo that was totally yummy cookies!! comel...makin terer swirl swirl sekarang...

Gart the Blue said...

OO .. yup .. it is .. but i learnt from you to be strong and resilient, sis! thanks ..

screw .. balik at 4pm? best siott!

mamarawks .. *beams* .. ish u puji I ni, karang kembang semangkuk pulak ..cheers babe!

BeeLOVE said...

i miss u gartgirl. saya sudah jumpa kamu!! hihihi com'on it's friday nite bebeh, senyum la sikit yer

zan said...

adus comeinya cookies..gartblue semakin maju, saya tumpang bangga :)

err..i baru tau yg u're in this business *malu* after i found your razzle dazzle heheh..

awat tak habaq awal2 or i didn't read earlier :P

Gart the Blue said...

beelove .. laaa ye ke ? miss you too babe !! .. what's up? sengih boleh ? btw, it's friday night .. i'm smiling alright ..

zan .. ha ha ha ... cehs .. kau sungguh memalukan kaum .. ahaks .. somehow I didn't go around and canang to ppl .. was hoping to get known through words of mouth and recommendations instead .. he he ..

Ummu Layth said...

geram tengok cookies tu. so elegant!!!!!

what does it taste like?