Exam's Over ,, Phew !

Monday, August 11, 2008

There are 4 stressful periods in our household.

Mid March, Mid May, Mid August, Mid October. The 2nd and the 4th are SIGNIFICANTLY worse the the rest. The 4th is by far the WORST!

Aliya is in Standard 4, very tall and very calculative and prefers to not stand out.

Ayisha is in Standard 2. Tells VERY tall stories like "ada kucing masuk kelas, lepas tu Ustaz bunuh kucing tu" or "patah jari dia mummy". Very happy go lucky and less likely to worry that her grades are slipping. Also an established and reputable drama queen with a capital D.

We couldn't afford tuition for them, or rather they're all full and I don't feel good sending them Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, doing what they would still do during the day. So, we do home Mummy-becomes-the-rotan-wielding teacher.

Unfortunately, I have very very short fuse. I'm known to yell and scream until the whole street could tell what's on the tuition menu that night. Maths nights are never quiet.

But I have to credit the girls for their dedication (I removed dogged because they needed bribes and threats) and for putting up with me.

MissKLSentral (dah beranak ka?) once told me that the secret to her kids' success is to do a page a day of the exercise books, ON THEIR OWN! Yikes!

Aliya can do it on her own, but AYisha needs to be sat down and worked on.

Anyhow, the exam's over this time around. I told the girls that they're getting a week off ME, so read that book, finish that puzzle, play that game, make that friendship band, watch the idiotbox. But a week's is all you're getting.

Hope they'll mend for my next round of abuse. Hor hor hor *evil laugh*

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butterflutter said...

You dah over. I baru nak mula. This test kira relax skit but terus nak kena mula for pkr2. Sometimes I fikir sbblah org hantar tuition ek tak payah nak pening2 kepala.Ni anak nak exam kita yg study dulu plan apa nak buat during revision. But again I know which area yg kena put more effort. I bought the jap table and both of us sit together.

Gart the Blue said...

butterflutter .. yikes .. good luck to you .. btw, what jap table ?

i ran into a booth Worksheet Online at SmartKids dulu .. ala-ala Score! la jugak .. dunno how to compare but the prices are sure interesting.. it's RM38 for 90 days and now ada promotion, sign up for 90 days, get free 90 days. should I?

butterflutter said...

Japanese table :-)

I need afiq to do revision like old days thru written worksheets sbb dia malas menulis so kena paksa lah jugak *rolleyes. Haven't tried online la gart.

Now pun I teach him more on answering techniques esp for objective questions.

Anonymous said...

But there's one Mid which you would always look forward to....MID Valley...hahaha..kan...kan..kan?

Gart the Blue said...

butterflutter ... alamak, japanese table ni macamana ye? blog la, so I can learn from you ..

msvogue .. err .. that MID, is always welcomed! ha ha ha ..spot on, gal!

ClipperSeep said...

aku suke layout baru!!


nae said...

Where could I get industrial grade fuse eh? Mine was blown like every few seconds

Gart the Blue said...

clipperseep .. *smiles* glad you love it .. I do too ..

nae .. errr I got mine replaced by my favourite electrician/plumber. sorry babe, not much help there.