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Saturday, August 23, 2008

You know .. I never intended to start any businesses whatsoever, firmly believing that I suck at persuasion. Heck! I couldn't even get Ariz to take his meds, okay!

And the Net has always been my passion. I browse like there's no tomorrow and I read and I read and I google and I askjeeved (well before it died). Then the blogging took hold of my life.

And then it dawned on me that making a website isn't all that hard. New sites are mushrooming every second. So, I bought my first domain and my first webhosting service and there began a journey, mighty slow, may I add.


The RazzleDazzleCookies is just an avenue, I thought. First and foremost, I'd like to put my webdesigning into something people will visit. Secondly, I've been a passionate baker all allong and I figured that I may as well market those.

Well, friends' and family support has been tremendous. I'm glad to have such friends and trusty bloggers who gave me the opportunities to better myself.

Well ... my point is that. I've remodelled my RazzleDazzleCookies website. YAY!!!

I wasn't very happy with the initial design. Very amateur, I thought. I've toyed with the ideas of buying those pinky, whimsical, girly templates only to find out that although they're cheaper than custom-made, most are partnered with a certian webhosting service providers and certain shopping cart providers too. Both of which, I don't have.

So there. I then thought maybe I could design CSS myself. Heck! I've got a Computation Degree and a Engineering Business Mgmt masters degree. How hard could designing a CSS be ?

Errrr .. not that easy, mind you. Especially when there are like a zillion resources out there to help me. So, easy way out. I found a great CSS/xhtml tableleass template and there.

I'm very happy with the layout. I don't like my banner so much. Well, I dind't put much effort into it anyway. It's just a stock photo I bought and some whimsical text underneath. I will refine that soon.

But I thought, it looks good. It looks professional. And it has clean lines and light.

I love it. Though there are many more areas I'd love to look better though.

Do you?

p/s Disclaimer : was up will 1am last night tweaking the design but there are certain pages which I have't completed yet. So, just tunggguuuu ...

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

dory said...

i should put my love for the internet to good use too. i envy you! anyways..i thought the previous design was friendlier looking and easier to navigate. it immediately grabbed the attention to the cookies once you upload the page. but if you are talking about whimsical, i LOVE your first ever design (and logo) when it's pink or purple(?). green and cookies..doesn't really work for me. but thats just my two cents.

ambik ko! panjang lebar komen aku. oh, and i think the cookies pictures would look better if you put them on white background and take the pictures before you wrap them. pure aesthetics, of course, i am sure the cookies are yummeh!

Gart the Blue said...

dory honey ... whoaaaa ... panjang lebar sungguh la komen ko ye .. ooo I remember that pink logo ... u love that? you're quite right actually on the green and cookies kinda spell shrek-ish eh? ... been having a bit of trouble photographing the cookies actually ... first of all, I need to pack them fast otherwise they'd go soft .. and second of all, I always decorate the cookies at nigt i.e. lighting sucks .. I tried no flash, but the pictures kinda lose focus and flash just whitewash them completely .. maybe I should get proper camera i.e. SLR maybe instead of my compact ..

but hey babe .. thanks heaps for your 2 cents .. it's great tpo know what works and what doesn't.

btw, life treating you alright these days, honey?

zan said...

are u tweaking your designs now? can't see some images..i think i still like the old one..i know it looks girly but it suit with the baking business :) tables are great, you can align your stuff neatly.

heck, i used to askjeeved too hahah..gone were the days! tapi gue tabik spring laa sama lu...buat web sendiri and the cookies mmg cutie habis.

go gart!

pb said...

i havent been trudging through bloglinks keen enough apparently! imagine finding your blog link via your cookie site. :D

the cookies are adorable (and its my first time seeing them).

the site isn't working for me though as i cant see the banner.

but im happy as punch ive stumbled across this. :D

Gart the Blue said...

OMG!! peebs .. i've missed you dear ! where in the world have you been? or I've had no idea to look la.. BTW .. I love salt & vinegar too .. no one else seems to get it ..he he . legacy of living in the UK for too long, I guess.

yup, I figured that out somehow .. it's just not working yet .. I'll try to work out the kinks ye babe!

nice to have the old friends back ...

mosh said...

I was impressed enough with your initial attempt for RazzleDazzle cookies page tu dulu.