Jittery Over Exams

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today is Aliya & Asha's first day of the PKSR 2 (Penilaian Kebangsaan Sekolah Rendah, eh, macam tak betul je ni?).

Anyhow. I pray that the girls will do well this time around. If you recall, both girls have done rather poorly in the PKSR 1. *shudder*

Aliya, this time around has gotten very studious and has taken all the initiatives to study without my telling her and all. She's also started to read her books in between school and KAFA and even reading storybooks a lot too. Alhamdulillah.

Asha, has improved leaps and bounds this semester. I couldn't help to think that she's finally reached that milestone where she's developmentally ready and she wasn't before. I know the excuse of being a December baby kinda is stale already, seeing some thriving December babies around. But seriously, she finally is there.

Asha's reading a lot these days. Magazines, books and her spelling is just awesome. ALhamdulillah too. When I think about it, the time when I pushed her and pushed her, and we'd be in tears, maybe I shouldn't pushed her so hard, so far. She wasn't ready then. But she is there today. Insyallah.

Adani meanwhile has been getting remarks of being very matured for her age, she's intuitive and she's really smart. Adani started reading on her own early this year, slightly over 4 years old, which was unusual for us. She's so hooked on Dr Seusse' books. She loves the sing-songy nature of the books. Her favourites are It's Not Easy Being A Bunny, One Fish Two Fish, Cat In The Hat, Fish Out of Water and she's starting on Horton the Elephant. Good thing, I love Dr Seusse books and we have almost a whole collection of them.

Adani too is very very intuitive. She can read people's mood very well and she'll adjust her reaction to it. She can sense if I'm in a foul mood and knows not to cross me. But her weakness is also her princess-y demands. When she wants something done, she wants it and will not take NO for an answer. And she loves to pick fights with Ariz which almost always will end with her crying.

She danced in her concert yesterday. A Kuda Kepang dance and boy o boy. She rocked! She swayed her hips, she strutted her bottoms and she twisted and turned and twirled and she really stole the show. WHooohooo! Joget jangan tak joget! Mana dia dapat joget tu pun, aku tak tau. But sungguh teruja! When I get the camera, I'll post the pictures, definitely!

Ariz meanwhile is nagging us to send him to school for past many months. On mornings he woke up early, I've had to dress him in Adani's gym wear (he once of twice insisted to wear Adani's dress!), get his bag and socks and shoes on too. Manjit, the van will come over and he'd call me later whining that Manjit wouldn't let him on the van. I would tell him that his class is not ready yet and his friends are still buying bags and books and shoes. Next year he will go to school. Of course, "next year" means tomorrow to him. Sigh!

Well .. what a lengthy post and it's not even jittery. Ha ha .. I've gotten more relaxed when exams are in the corner and I've learnt to take things as they come.

BTW, Saturday we were registering the kids's 2009 KAFA and we're RM1,221 poorer. Wanted to register for Aliya's tuition but the fees, uhmm we'll come back, we said! Yikes! Next year could be a challenge. 2 kids at kindy, 2 kids at KAFA and school expenses. Kids sure don't come cheap these days, eh! Hmmm ..

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butterflutter said...

I merdeka today yahooo...Now can berangan doing other things *lega...

On your girls taking their own sweet time I guess that is dugaan to us parents. They wl be doing fine, insyaAllah.

zan said...

raising kids aint's that cheap kan gart..tapi mummy gart akan dpt big fat year end bonus kan *wink*

mamarawks said...

1221 is for KAFA alone?? waahhh dunno that's the amount!!hmmmm...

tak sabar nak tgk gambar cheeky adani in kudang kepang..

famyGirl said...

*sigh* i can't wait till exams are all over!! i think my stress level melonjak naik time-time ni :P