Down and Out at KotaSinga

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update: Phone IS found, people. Alhamdulillah. The chatty cabdriver returned it to the company and Azen is gonna get it for me. Yay!!

MrGart nearly bit my head off last night. Takutttt!! But I'm just so relieved.

Was about to blog about my 3 days here at the KotaSinga.

But I'm just too disraught about .. LOSING MY BRAND NEW PHONE!!!


*take deep breaths*

*more, deeper breaths*

I think I know what happened.

Asha called from school and by the time I picked it up, I lost the call. Our cabdriver was very chatty, asking about the 3-sided Vice Presidency fights for the KelabMelayu. I left Faiz to do the talking, reminding myself to put phone back into my handbag. I could not remember if I did.

Well, I checked in. Bought some chocolates, bought some lipstick & eye shadow and headed straight to the Lounge. I need to shower, actually cos when I checked out from the hotel, I was very late and had to time to shower.

I only remembered to check where my phone was while I was in the shower and it was NOT there. I turned my handbag (which was huge, mind you) inside out and still the phone was nowhere to be found.

I asked the Lounge girls to call the number and no one answered.

So, this is what's gonna happen.

MrGart is gonna murder me. He gave me this phone. He is so gonna skin me alive. Before that, once touched down, I need to cancel the line and once home, find my faithful, faded N95 phone again. Then MrGart can start murdering me. Sigh!

But seriously. Au sungguh berdukacita. I was having a blast with the phone. It's my new best friend. We're just getting acquinted and we're clicking alright. Now, I've lost it!

Dah takde rezeki, I comfort myself.


Anyhow, need to make my way to the Gate now and board the plane home.

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

elisataufik said...


but if you ask my mom, she would probably ask you to doa "Inalillah-hi-wa-inna-ilaihiro-ji-un" banyak2.

If the phone is truly yurs, it will be returned to you. If it's not, then kena redha yang it's not yours in the first place.

I know how you feel, babe.

butterflutter said...

Once I even terbuang my handphone ;-P

If that will makes u feel better.


mamarawks said...

isk!isk! sungguh deja vu cerita ini... no la.. not really..

ironically 1 of my friend experience almost same "trouble".. tapi kes dia.. pi masuk new brand gave-from-hubby handphone into washing machine...

what she was doing was dragging me to phone shop to find replacement handphone.. similar 1...

until now husband still dun know...

ok i know i'm not helping you here...

tu la.. dah bukan rezeki.. ataupon maybe you will get something better? ok ok i better stop now... i'm not helping you in anyways pon... grrrr!!

Anonymous said...

tak try call the cab company and check if the driver returned your phone?

Anonymous said...

glad you got the phone back. tapi apsal tak suruh pass kat aku? boleh aku pakai for the next 2 days dulu haha

JoKontan said...

Oooh cumooooooon...

Mr Gart's not going to your head off.

What if, what if he lost you ?


Puuuuuuuurgh, legaaa noo dah jumpa balek..

This reminds me last time we were in Leopolis. Maam left her whole handbag (her ic,cc,etcetera), and only realised it when we're in New Johor. I didn't bite her head off.

I went "Ala cayang cayang... meh meh",.

Anyhow, that's MY version of the story laa kann. Hah haaaaaa

JoKontan said...

" not going to bite you head off.."

Gartblue said...

elisa ... *hugs you back* teringat when your phone was stolen .. but then again, that was probably wished-for. no?

butterflutter .. terbuang? face it la girlfriend, we live in a constant roller-coaster, so I completely understand how you ter-did that. BTW, jumpa tak ?

mamarawks .. *gapes & picks jaws off floor* .. eh mana u tau hubby kawan u tak baca blog I ni ?

screw .. tak teringat lak masa tu .. i didn't know there's only 3 cab companies kat spore. ingatkan dah selamat ler .. I sms-ed azen last night before he left today .. he suggested to call them .. haah .. korang balik sama hari pon. itu la .. tapi kalau bagi kat u, pasti gambar2 rahsia ku sudah tak rahsia .. hahahaha .. thanks babe ..

jo .. hek eleh .. ye la tu respon you macam tu .. entah2 maam kata .. singa lapar lagi baik .. masa tu la .. hahaha ...

mosh said...

he did not bite your head off because you bit his first... har har har!

Anonymous said...

gambar2 rahsia dalam phone tu? macam le aku takde copies of those 2 nights.. ha ha ha ha

Gartblue said...

mosh .. Hey tht was MY plan!

Screw .. Hahaha *gulp*