Icing In My Tudung

Monday, November 24, 2008

You, you, you, you and you! *hugs you all*

Thanks for your kind words and moral support for me to step out in another different realm. I truly appreciate your words and thank you for believing in me, even when I'm so unsure sometimes.

*kesat air mata and shhhrroooooooot!*

So. Saturday came. Me slightly jittery. Was up till midnight the night before baking the cookies for the class. Each student was to have 6 cookies to decorate upon and take home to parade. I made regular sized floppy-eared bunny, butterfly, dinosaur, teddy bear and duckling. Then I made a swarm of bees and a school of little fishes.

Met the 10 year olds and 11year olds. Kimberley's the youngest at 8 and very very expressive. She exclaimed loudly at a juncture that "I know how to make rubber!". Hmm. The only boy in class, Haziq was a smart kid who's pretty vocal too.

Anyhow, the making of the cookies went smoothly, though a little boring for them. It got significantly livelier when they were using the cookie cutters to cut them. THe incidents of the dolphins who lost its tails got them all laughing in cackles.

The class got even more excited once they have piping bags of icing in their hands and they excitedly went about squeezing icings on their dinosaurs and butterflies and throwing sprinkles and dragees. While munching on some of the cookies. I felt very comfortable by then, even relaxed. They were doing good stuff. Although initially, piping icing was pretty hard on small hands, but they managed it well.

Things got rowdier when the parents turned up and they were even more excited that their kids. Understandably, I guess.

All in all. I think the class went well. Shyamala was a real big help, in the kitchen as well as in her eye contact with me on how to move forward and all.

But I blinking FORGOT to bring my camera. So, am begging Shyamala for pictures of yesterday. You should see the cookies the kids made. Some of them were really good. Sarah who's pretty slim has the most amazing control of the bag and her creations were amazing for a beginner.

I felt such pride to see the results.

I can definitely do this again. *especially after looking at the cheque. Hehehe*

18 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

Big fat cheque eh Ms Gart. Can invest more on pekakas dapur :-)

zan said...

ohh i pun tumpang bangga n tak sabar nak join your class hehehe..

congrats gart!!!

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. takde la big,fat cheque .. but cukup makan la .. perkakas dapur? tak leh, MrGart dah sound dah .. nak letak kat mana lagi ni ? he he h e

zan .. thanks babe .. *high-fiving zan*

Anonymous said...

aku nganggur. how's the cheque?

Gartblue said...

screw ... meh sini jadi assistant aku. nak? aku bagi kau 10%. tolong basuh pinggan. can?

Anonymous said...

wah cayo lah!

again, no pictures to support your entry but this time somehow i believed you.

*pats at the back*

elisataufik said...

kalau cikgu dok amik gambar, camner nak mengajar?
Cant wait to look at pictures, though.
*pat on the back*

BeeLOVE said...

yeayyyy for gartgurl!!! eh why la icing in ur tudung?

Lazydaisy said...

kudos to you
tak nak buat kelas for bloggers mummy ke ??

6 year old boy bule ikut ke kelas ni, i know my danial mmg suka baking or do you do this service for birthday parties ?

Gartblue said...

roti .. like barney loves to say "Imagination is a wonderful thing" .. or something la of that effect .. he he he .. sorry le babe .. mana sempat nak ambik gambar .. anak-anak muridku, terpanggil sana sini ..

*terbatuk, roti pats kuat sangat. Tumbuk ke hapa ni?*

elisa .. betul tu!
*batuk sikit*

beelove .. he he he .. I wore my black/purple tudung and while I bent down, terkena sikit icing kat tudung I .. this kimberley girl, siap ada icing kat rambut lagi .. he he he ..

Gartblue said...

lazydaisy .. whooo ... boleh boleh .. kalu ada demandnya, kita boleh buat, takde hal punya .. birthday parties ? great, great ideas .. thanks babe .. can think it through .. it's after all, a fun thing to do, cos the cookies are all made and it's like a art class where you eat your own art. kewl! you know where to find me, eh!

OndeOnde said...

well done! well done!!!!
we only the first step to have thousands more!!!

The satisfaction you must have felt...I can imagine!

Perhaps on telly pulak lepas ni??

ery kumagai said...

i tot the tajuk was "icing on my HOMEMADE TUDUNG". hehe
*batuk batuk sopan*

famyGirl said...

i am so very impressed and proud of you babe!!! :D

nanti bila dah famous, jgn lupa hopeful bakers kat sini hee hee

Gartblue said...

OO .. uhmmm .. insyallah .. Allah knows best. telly? yikes!

ery ..debuk *sepuk sopan* .. ha ha ha .. the home-made tudungs ARE on their way defnitely. Am scouting for more materials now .. am also thinking to make the girls' KAFA tudung cos I could never find the ones that could fit them well and yet are vogue-ish. Insyallah.

famy .. ooo famous? images of nigella came to mind. BTW, she's really voluptuous these days, kan? am so glad we've all been bitten by the baking bug. *bite some more*

mosh said...

Somebody got a big fat paycheck and i had to pay for lunch? *rolls eyes*

Gartblue said...

mosh .. that paycheck belun sampai lagi la babe .. next lunch's on me, kay babe! *still remembering the sambal tempoyak of yesterday's lunch*

Gartblue said...

mosh .. that paycheck belun sampai lagi la babe .. next lunch's on me, kay babe! *still remembering the sambal tempoyak of yesterday's lunch*