Teaching Kids To Bake ?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You've got to be kidding me? I heard that, MOSH!


For the benefit of all 9 of my blog readers, I've been enlisted by CakeConnection which is located at Jaya One, PJ to teach their Cookies classes. I actually love the place. It has lots and lots of cookie cutters and they were very acoomodating to get me the cutters I so desire. Shyamala and Nancy are just great women and great bakers too. I went there once to be greeted by the sweet smell of orange butter cakes for their class. Came home desperate to make one but fell asleep thinking of smelling it. Heh!

This Sunday is a 2.5 hours class where I'll be guiding 8 kids to bake sugar cookies, make royal icing for pipinga nd for flooding, color them, and techniques to decorate them cookies. The theme is Animals. I'm still figuring out which animals to choose and how to decorate them.

Next Saturday, I have 8 adults and I'll do the same class, more details I would imagine and more elaborate techniques, I should say.


I am nervous. I've never taught a bunch of people before. Let alone, this is about baking, it's not about coal or gas or electricity where I think I know my stuff. I am beyond nervous here. Whatever were they thinking when the owner called me up and asked if I could do this. And I said, YES? Whatever was I thinking?

*takes deep breath*


I think I can do this. I know I can. I hink I'll be great. Like what Day loves to say. Sharing is caring. I love to bake the cookies and I love decorating them more. So, what better way to spread the joy of making them ?

p/s I hope the kids would like me. And I so hope the adults would find me alright. Now, which tudung to wear? Pink, I think. Must appear hip. Must appear trendy, retro, but stylo. Must look slightly whimsical too. Decorators should appear whimsical. No?

20 growls by fellow growlers ...:

BeeLOVE said...

hihihi go gartgurl, i am so gonna enroll if i have the money, time and car. u'll be alright, just remember to smile :D

hihihi sorry about the rabbit, but the masak sambal, sedap giler, serius tak tipu!!

Ummu Layth said...

makin maju baker kita nih! alhamdulillah. looks like you are broadening your business scope and creating lots of new networks!

semoga business terus maju jaya

i'd join if i were back in m'sia. i want to learn how to ice/decorate cakes and cookies

Ummu Layth said...
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butterflutter said...

Waaa..seronoknya now dah jadi cikgu. To teach on things that you love doing shd be ok, me think.

Share kat sini gambar2 tau. Would love to learn but do i have time...time..time?...huh

theotheraj said...

make sure awning tu tajam

mamarawks said...

huhu... My kids still under age to join your class.. rugi rugi.. next week pulak I yg bizi...

go gartgurl, mesti bole nya..

Gartblue said...

beelove ... *sengih* boleh? ish ish ish .. "aliya, meh la makan kiki masak sambal ni?" can? hahaha ..

ummulayth .. alhamdulillah .. never thought it would progress this far this fast .. when you get back, personal tutorial pun boleh .. like tolong I buat la .. that is free tutorial, more like free labour .. haha

butterflutter .. yup .. you're right on that .. it's something I love to do .. but still nervous la jugak .. pictures? definitely ..
Mental Note:must bring camera, e71's camera sucks!

screw .. swning kena tajam, senang nak cucuk student yang degil ..

mamarawks .. takpa takpa .. next time boleh babe .. thanks for the confidence ..

zan said...

wow!! skang dah jadik cikgu...tabik spring laa *toink toink*...

ehh i pun nak jadik your student, boleh ker..i mean diff class lah..not that next sat..mine is occupied...

No Angel said...

u bake? mulut masih ternganga.. i so ketinggalan kapal

No Angel said...

Best of luck by the way

OndeOnde said...

That's great news!!! Creating newtworks is a must in a bisnes, it seems this is the start and so fast pulak tu!

Who knows later on, muka you masuk TV pulak in AFC ganti Anna Olson :)

Congrats!!! Good luck, cikgu! from another cikgu!

nae said...

wow...this definitely make me feel so inadequate

anyway, why not open a class kat BJ..bleh le aku anak beranak pi menuntut ilmu :)

elisataufik said...

eh eh fun nya!! I pun nak join lah ;)

elisataufik said...

sorry, I meant nak join jadi anak murid, bukan jadi cikgu tau (I dont have the patience!)

Lollies said...

fuyo. ini progress sangat hebat.

soon soon you'll be on tv

with pink tudung and a matching pink apron.

Min said...

salam dik, congrats to you ! bila kelas ? akak pun teach sana, twice a month. Maybe we'll bump into each other.. nak attend your class jugak la !

mama23beas said...

Jaya One is just in our backyard;). Was so tempted tp register Bea1 in, but I just got to know yesterday. Too late. Plus not sure if a 7-year old is accepted. Looking forward to know how it goes!

mama23beas said...

"...a 7-year-old"

Ops...I mean 6..hhehe

Gartblue said...

Zan .. jangan tabik lebih-lebih .. karang cikgu nervous ..

NoAngel .. hey babe .. are you still gaping ? even I surprise myself at times .. tapi gua tutup mulut la .. *larii*

OO .. oohh cikgu OO sudah datang .. insyallah babe, insyallah .. never in my wildest dream have I thought to get here today .. but I’m living it now .. and I only have Allah to thank for. Alhamdulillah ..

Nae .. kalau ada demand, aku rela .. take me ! take me !

Elisa .. you? No patience? Hmm that must be your evil twin la kot .. haha .. balik msia dulu ye .. lepas tu kita bincang .. ahhahaha

Lollies .. progress progress .. hey babe .. hari tu aku dengan mosh lunch and we’re both bersetuju that you made the right decision on the whole qatar/work thing. Good for you, babe! .. bila dah maju karang, aku print apron ye ..

Kak Min .. wow! Eh, I really wanted to join your classes .. insyallah, one of these days, I will .. thanks .. I saw your cute cuppies at the counter .. gilerrr! Cun babe .. must learn! Boleh boleh .. btw, I thank you for your fondant lessons … priceless !

Mama23beas .. betul tu! Your backyard alright .. I’m not too sure of the age limit, but I had a 8 year old in the class and she’s only interested in how to make rubber? Hmm wrong class, I thought .. but amusing still! .. he he he .. camana boleh lupa age anak ni ? *geleng kepala*

Gartblue said...

zan ... *tabik balik* ... marila beramai-ramai membuli I .. hahaha .

NoAngel .. are you still gaping, dear? yes I do bake. even I sometimes suprise me too.

OO .. thanks cikgu .. you know what? Rezeki I should say. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagines this. But I'm living it and I have only Allah to thank. Alhamdulillah ..

nae .. BJ? boleh boleh ..