Preposterous Service

Monday, November 17, 2008

An email I replied this morning to ask me for an Authorisation Letter just to block my line for the phone that was missing 13 days and founda dah pun.

Aku punyala bengkek, I think I'm forwarding this to the papers soon, if I do not receive any feedback or apology within the next week of so.

Dear CikAdikYangBalasEmailSaya,

I am utterly dissapointed in PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC's service. True, the line is under my company's registration. But surely, in cases of emergencies, PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC would do all it could to assist its customers to block the line as need be i.e. suspend the line first, THEN ask for documentation. Is it not?

I MUST reiterate here that I sent an email on the 4th November 2008, 2 hours after the phone was missing in Singapore AND I called the C-areline at around 8:00pm, 4 hours after the phone went missing to further ensure that the line has been blocked to prevent any unauthorised use of my line, as what has been advised by PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC in such circumstances. I was assured that the line would be blocked in my call, however, no reply to the email was received until today, 13 days later.

However, I was sorely SHOCKED and DISSAPOINTED that on the 5th November, upon getting the information that the phone has been returned, I called to unblock the line and I was told that the line WAS NEVER BLOCKED AT ALL!

After an email AND a phonecall to your c-areline, nothing was done. Preposterous!

Imagine if my phone has fallen to the wrong hands and the unathorised usage would have cost my a lot of money, which PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC would immediately deny and penalise me if I do not pay up.

And sadly, your reply to my email to pursue this emergency and urgent matter came today, which is exactly 13 days after I reported the phone missing. APPALINGLY BAD SERVICE FOR PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC.

I plan to send an official complaint over this matter and I demand an apology as I believe that such offhand manner to which PhoneCompanyBeginsWithC handles its customers' emergency matters are in TATTERS and do not wish this predicament to fall to some other innocent paying customers like I have.

Thank you.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

one of the reasons why me and my wife jumped ship from Ccom to Meksis. their service sucked, their billing sucked more

Gartblue said...

i couldn't agree more. mmg crap giler ..

theotheraj said...

dah ada MNP, corp customers takleh cabut ke?

mosh said...

Preposterous indeed!