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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The beached whale has landed.

In fact, the whole clan descended at this wonderful little resort called Residence Desa Lagoon at PD. Thanks to Sarah-fiz for mentioning the place to us.

Our villa was right in front of that gorgeous pool. It was also sepelaung from the beach. I love the fact that the kids have a larger area to roam while we while away the day, waiting for MrGart to finish his meeting and whatnots.

Pictures courtesy of SpeakingWithMyFingers

I think our villa was the one in the picture. Sweet and cosy. Love the colour coordination.

The villas are on stilts over these fish pond. They looked a bit too green for me though. Saturday morning, the kids gleefully pointed out to me a LARGE monitor lizard aka biawak swimming around. Naik bulu roma ku. Yikes!

The beach. We could actually walk to the beach from our villa on titi kayu and the sand was really fine, unlike the sand at Teluk Kemang which is a little pebbly and rusty in colour. The colour is like my foundation clour N4-Sand Beige. Ha ha.

Unfortunately, we could not spend as much time as we'd like to at the beach. Me refers to Aliya, Asha, Adani and me. Ariz hated and still does hate the beach. MrGrouchy would complain about needing to wash sand off his feet and the big waves, without even getting slightly wet at all. Sheeesh.

The girls managed toc ollect some nice shells this time around, though they'd like to stay longer.

This Monday to Wednesday, we're off at the same place as MrGart is attending yet another official business there at PD. Story of our lives. Cuti-cuti Malaysia di taja oleh MrGart's Kompeni.

Have fun working (or not!) at the office people!

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Nina Zan said...

Nak ikut!

Nina Zan said...

eh lupa nak cakap.

Mine's G2-golden vanilla. hahhaha

Anonymous said...

missing you nonche.....boring ko takde


theotheraj said...

air pasang mesti tinggi kat PD ni