Friso Brings My Family Out

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is so out of character for me. But diah & bear's invite just tugged at me.

Family day. The topic.

What should I blog about?

We, as a family never have a designated family day. Because every day IS a family day. But of course these days, when the girls are bigger and Ariz is off diapers and can more or less behave himself reasonable well for a 3 year old, our weekends are more structured.

I think we struck cinemas off for a good 8 years of our marriage and we're back in the business. I've always loved the big screens. I remember going to the cinemas every Friday night when I was at Uni. And now, we go as a unit, all 6 of us. Caution though. Pick your movie. HighSchoolMusical-ish works wonderful. Madagascar's always a great pick. Pick your time. Do the 11am shows and they'll be eager-beaver, otherwise you'd end up guiding sleepy kiddos out of the cinemas.

I read Lollies's family adventures in the wild. It's funny how her being away in a barren desert,far, far away from our tropical land, has been to all these nature-infused attractions. And we have not.

I'm almost ashamed of ourselves. I think families evolve.

First, then the kids are younger, we frequent tthe pets/animals zoos/sanctuaries/petting zoos and places like that. Then we're at the cinemas where they can appreciate magic being played in front of you, apart from reading them in books. Then I guess, once they've gotten slightly older, nature walks/treks/camps should start to be included.

I guess we're almost there. If I can convince Ariz to wear his shoes all the time that he doesn't need to pick every single thing on the floor/earth to be investigated. If I can convince Ariz that creepy-crawlies are there to creep and to crawl. So leave them be. No need to be stomping on them. I cannot tell you how many dead insects he has stomped upon. It's almost he hunts these, completely unperturbed by them.

Of course, the girls need to realise that animals and nature are good things. Things crawl and things creep and no need to scream your lungs out for Mummy or Daddy to come rescue you from that little beetle on the wall, minding it's own business.

You think we're ready for nature?

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

the question u should be asking is, 'is nature ready for you'?


elisataufik said...

Each family ada different style family day nya.
Kitorang kalau time summer yang panas amats tu, buat popcorn duduk depan TV tengok Harry Potter ramai-ramai di bawah bayu aircond sepoi sepoi bahasa pun dah kira 'family day' jugak.. :)

Ummu Layth said...

hehehe u don't HAVE to rough it out with nature if that's what you/family don't enjoy. i went camping since i was a little girl with my parents and my school had yearly camping trips all thru primary and secondary school. so that's like 2-3 camping trips a year. so dah biasa. but i have friends who've never been outdoor camping in their life. so mcm kak lisa ckp, ikut minat masing2

can ariz stay still in the cinema? once i brought layth to the planetarium (for kids!) and he cried coz the noise was too loud hahaha.

nae said...

Bukit Cerakah is a good training ground. If all else fails, you could always hop on the park bus :)

butterflutter said...

Tido ramai2 on one bed (all 5 in a queen size bed) can masuk kategori family activity ke?

Dulu rumah lama (tv kat bwh) we used to watch dvd on a saturday night with the lights off mcm tgk wayang then terus tido situ sampai pg.

Baking can also be family activity. Ayahnya join masa makan je la.

Gartblue said...

screw .. think it's ready for YOU ?

elisa .. sounds like OUR preferred family day .. hehehe

ummulayth .. maybe nature scares me cos we haven't give it a try yet .. me? I camped once during primary school and woke up in the middle of the night to my twin's screaming of a caterpillar in her bunker .. and that was it.
btw, we have to watch movies yang dia suka la .. spiderwick failed him though. after a while he would be cruising from Seat1 to Seat6, to and fro. kalau boring sangat, he'd be asking to nurse and would fall asleep .. so Mummy can have the popcorn to herself. hehehe .. it is very noisy. His first time, he sat on my laps throughout. now he's okay on his own.

we always go to Bkt Cerakah for the 4seasons house/place .. and we ALWAYS take that bus. we once tried to walk. nope. didn't happen. sheesh!

butterflutter .. that tido beramai-ramai we haven't done yet .. soudns like what elisa and me have in mind. you know what .. baking is a great activity except that ariz and adani would be bickering and bercakaran, it gets a little unnverving sometimes .. other times, it would be a boon.

Lollies said...

hahahah to screw.

buatlah apa-apa yang ko suka pun. we spent one day hari tu watching bend it like beckham. all of us including lover yg tak suka tengok tv. that was a good family day.