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Friday, November 7, 2008

Woke up this morning, dizzy. In fact, I've woken up few times durin g the night as Ariz was fidgety and fussy. He ran a temperature and whenever he gets a fever, I shift into ALERT mode. Light sleep, ear thermometer by side ready to stick into hos ear every 5 minutes, the V-oltaren supp ready. Febrile fits are still my nightmare.

I called the office and said that I would be off on emergency today.


Ariz finally decided that sleep would be impossible. Sat up in his 38.1C body and loudly declared that he was going to school. Hmmmm. When he's made up hi smind, no fevers gonna keep him home. Yikes! This could get ugly.

Dressed, Ariz in Adani's gymwear, Adani in her school uniform and me in ah well, not particulaly ravishing looking, we set out to school. He remembered that he forgot his book and his favourite TopGear magazine. So, I made a deal with him and we left to get supplies.

But after all the bribes to make him less eager to go to school )when he's not suppsoed to yet), he wailed and he screamed when he realised that we're going home. Argghhhhh!!!

Susah sungguh la. Bila kena pegi, tak nak. Bila tak payah pegi, beriya-iya la pulak. Adoi!

Excuses Expired So far :
1. Kawan Ariz semua tak beli beg sekolah lagi. Next year, kita pegi okay?
2. Kawan Ariz tak dapat baju sekolah lagi. Next year, kita pegi okay?
3. Classroom Ariz tak paint colour black (his current fav colour) lagi. Bila siap, kita pegi okay?
4. Auntie Manjit (van driver) kata next year, kita pegi okay?
5. Classroom Ariz belum siap lagi. Roof and walls are not ready yet. Next year, kita pegi okay?

Luckily, we only have about a week left for this eager-beaver kiddo of mine.

Suggestions ?

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

give him a ps3, and i bet your, err.. bum.. that he wants to be at home all the time

Intan Saleh said...

wut is it that he hate? contoh dentist.. cakap la dentist dtg school arini.. err.. tatau la boleh guna ke tak. ahaha!

Ummu Layth said...

hehehe! sounds like me. hopefully tak jadi cam i..bila memang kena gi sekolah..tak mo gi plak!

mosh said...

minyak kereta abih? kereta cannot go to his school can?

Anonymous said...

try soh dia blaja any skills that he has yet to master. So he's not going to school until he gets it right. Can ah ? Shapes ke (ni sure dh terer kan ?) apa2 je lah...hehe


Gartblue said...

screw .. he already has a PSP babe and getting good at it too ... and no, that's not keeping him home .. dah balik ?

combi .. aha! great idea .. he hates doctors .. err no offence .. the 3 glue stitches he acquired so far earned him that fear ..he hehe .. will use that excuse next time ..

aliya .. aisehh .. ni yang I lemah ni .. ha ha ha .. i have a feeling Ariz is like that .. semangat lebih, karang bial semua dah ready, i.e. duit dah bayar and all, mula la .. tak nak pegi .. but then again, look at you now, girl! *pats your back*

mosh .. ooo that one tak boleh mula .. adani goes to school with auntie manjit. auntie manjit ALWAYS comes. he he he

nolongersilentreader .. hmmmm ... like ariz needs to start poo-ing in the toilet. Boleh boleh boleh. cheers mate!