Kiko and Kiki

Monday, November 17, 2008

We are now proud owners of a pair of 2 months old rabbits, as of yesterday.

A brown boy rabbit named Kiko and a white, pink-eyed girl Kiki.

The girls must think that rabbits are like dolls. Barely 4 hours in, I found the rabbits sitting on a baby head rest (the one you put on strollers) with blankets. Sheesh! And not to mention, the numerous pictures taken of the rabbits so far.

Ariz last night, in the dead of the night, came down all by himself and reported to me that the rabbits were still not sleeping. MrGart was sheepishly mumbling something about nocturnal habits of some animals who produce offspring like they do, farting.

I'm kinda okay with this arrangement. Because :

1. Rabbits stay in the cage. Thry don't wander. They don't irk neighbours. They don't scratch my sofa and I will unlikely find dung suprises elsewhere in the house.
2. Rabbits don't shed hair. Big plus!
3. Rabbits food won't cost us an arm and a leg. Pellets aren't that expensive either. BTW, I thought I could feed it green stuff or maybe carrots. But apprarently these kacukan rabbits eat only pellets and maybe occasionally cucumbers. They should not walk on earth. What????
4. Rabbits don't need to be entertained. Like MrGart like to say, they eat, drink, sleep, eat some more and then get some "fun" and have babies. I retorted that that sounded like him.
5. Rabbits don't need to be petted to sleep or need that much TLC before it starts bawling its eyes out for lack of love.
6. Rabbits' poo are in little neat balls which can easily be washed (not by me, obviously) and does not stink all the way to the heavens.
7. Rabbits are rather cheap too.
8. Rabbits are not territorial and won't mark its territories and start to pee all over the place.
9. They are cute and cuddly.
10. They keep the kids' entertained for the long school holidays and off our backs with their constant demands to go here and there, do this and that and the perennial whinings of "Boring la".

Boleh pakai ?

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

make like a rabbit

Ummu Layth said...

sounds like a very good arrangement indeed! so what r u going to tell them when the kids see the rabbits having "fun"?

Gartblue said...

screw .. you tell me.

ummy layth .. yikes! dunno how, actually .. was hoping that the rabbits wait out a while before they sttart you-know .. ha ha ha .. but I guess having pets gives the opportunity to explore lifes .. but heck, will they do it at night ? you think ?

BeeLOVE said...

my in-laws ada rabbit and the vet fee is actually quite expensive. they do gigit2 kain, langsir, carpet, so careful. and beranak sangat banyak and sangat cepat, if you don;t control them. and the bapak can be quite ganas with the baby rabbit

hahaha do i sound like anti-rabbit? no, i;m not, love them but can;t stand them, itchy eyes and nose. and arnab goreng sambal, yummmehhh! *wahahaha*

Ummu Layth said...

i think they'll do it anytime anywhere! hahaha! i'm imagining ariz saying "mummy, rabbits tu tgh wrestling" hahahaah

betul beelove ckp tu.. are the rabbits neutered? kalau tak, cepat aje beranak pinak (hence the saying "been at it like rabbits"!! :p)

Gartblue said...

beelove .. *gelak golek-golek* .. awak ni sangat ganas ler beelove .. *kesat air mata seround* .. you're not helping matters here ,babe !! but you certainly made my day.
*sambung gelak*

aliya .. yikes! but I love your reason. Mind if I copy yours? and no, they are not neutered. Can you neuter rabbits? Fooh .. ini sudah bizarre ..

mosh said...

well if they become too many, eat them.... sounds a bit masochistic but better than leaving them unattended, no?