Girls and Money

Friday, October 31, 2008

I posted in my blog before about Asha and her "generosity" to buy ALL of her friends tidbits from the stationery store upon finding out Daddy gave her RM50 instead of RM1. I had to pick my jaws off the floor when I first learned of it. Wrecked my brain to find reasonable explanation and settled on Daddy's mistake of handing out wrong note in the dimmed room. No hanky-panky there. Pure mistake on MrGart's side.


Then Asha's friend's mother came ding-donging at the front door. Unannounced. Should I worry ? Hmmm.

She came in, Sarah, her daughter almost dragged herself in, head bowed with an expression of pure torture. Hmmmmmmm.

Mine was the 3rd house she's been that evening, she began. She's still in her work clothes and it's almost 8:30pm. I was desperate to make 4 trays of brownies for Aliya & Asha's school do tomorrow. I was also sticky and in work clothes too. I was hungry and needing to get dinner.

Anyhow. Her story was l-o-n-g.

But I will spare you the pain and cut it really short.

Her Sarah, a Std 2 schoolgirl has been rather entreprenuer-ish. She drew pictures of a super car (don't ask me if it's a Porsche or a Beemer, believe you me, I asked and she din't know), wrote RM1 on each and made 4 copies of them each at 10 sen a piece. She was selling them for RM1 to innocent, wide-eyed boys at school. She was caught, obviously as the school was weeding out unauthorised selling and buying at school.

Go pick your jaws off the floor, folks!

This is the interesting bit.

Sarah lied about making the copies at home. I shuddered to think that Asha conspired by making the copies at our house, which I knew she knows how to. But no, that's not the case. Phew. Apparently Sarah paid to make copies at the same stationery shop Asha was caught dishing out goodies to her friends.

The mother doesn't give any pocket money to Sarah at all for KAFA. Hmm.

So, where did Sarah get her money?

House No 1: Mom's a fund manager for a bank. Sarah's been getting 50 sen from her daughter on a daily basis.

House No 2: No details on this, but I guess we can call her FundManager Junior 2.

House No 3 (ours) : Asha's been giving Sarah RM1 every few days. And the best part is that, Asha made Sarah her proxy. Remember Asha was caught although it wasn't her fault, just her misguided generosity? Well, I think she's now rather shy to go into the shop after the incident. So, I think she made Sarah a deal, or Sarah made Asha a deal. Asha gives her her money. Sarah goes and buys stuff and gives Asha a sweet or two and keeps the rest as payment.


So, apart from a Fund Manager Jr 3, Asha is also a proxy master! On a losing end, pulak tu!

Folks! Jaws off the floor, please. You'll trip someone if you don't.

In the end, Sarah returned RM10 to Asha and apologised. We talked to Asha and the rest about not giving money to other people as well as receiving money from other people with no good reason.

Side Story: The mother also regaled me with a story of a 5 year old at Adani's tadika. He's been handing out Raya angpows with RM5 and RM3 to friends, telling them that the RM3 were to be given to younger brothers or sisters. The recipents' parents sussed this out and alerted the teacher who immediately acted to collect back the money.

Either GenerousKiddo is :
1. A philanthropist who gives out his OWN angpow money OR
2. He found Dad's stash of undistributed angpows and seeing how delightful kids are at receiving angpows, emulated the parents and took the stash to school.

You choose?

p/s Rasanya masa zaman aku sekolah dulu, takde benda-benda camni tak ? Adoiiii .. pening kepala makcik.

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rotidua said...



Poor.... boys! ahahahha girl power aye.

Sarah must be making lots of money. I'm amazed.
1) she's an artist
2) she's smart and creative
3) Opportunist
4) Manipulative

Wow! all that at 8 yrs old. Scary... but impressive.

zan said...


i can sum it :-

these kids are TOTALLY $$$ minded, they just love the sound Kaaching! Kaaching!

dasat laaa...

theotheraj said...

you just got to admire her entrepreneurial mind. misguided, yet admirable.

Gartblue said...

roti, zan and screw .. yup. I have to take my tudung-munawwarah off to her .. she's pretty manipulative too..

psst .. actuallykan I thought the mother gloated a bit secretly masa datang tu .. ye la .. she knew the sin, but she cudn't help but be proud. ahaks!

snv said...


i cant help but laugh to myself as i read your post.

it must be worrying for you as a parent, but i do find the antics of the children so endearing (probably so because i think of them as innocent).

at any rate, insyaAllah, with the innocent mistakes they make when they are young, will provide them for better chance at adulthood. and ada parents like you lot here, things are bound to go for the better.

elisataufik said...

i dont know if you remember DudaeSimboyo. He used to buy a poster filled with flags for a small sum and then he would cut up the small flags one by one and sell them each for some profit.
Never underestimate you children's financial savvy-ness.


OndeOnde said...

Aiyo! Scary nyer!!..if goes unguided rosak budak tu..she doesn't know how to channel our her creativities...kena lah mak2 fikir pulak how to let the creativity flows into the right channel.

butterflutter said...

I heard enough girls stories that makes me worry.

Gartblue said...

snv .. children are innocent and their antics are endearing .. but sometimes you just feel like shaking your head in disbelief .. ha ha ha .. I think we try to be what we think best as a parent and we hope that it works, insyallah.

elisa .. yup .. heard of similar stories too .. good thing was the mother disapproved of the taking money from others and not the business-savviness of the kid, which I thought was good. BTW, she's a PhD holder anyway.

OO ... scary eh .. berbagai=bagai stories these days .. during the earlier years at BJ, I overheard a conversation between these 2 chinese boys. "My dad drives a 5 Series". " My dad has a S Class Kompressor". Fooooohhh!!! Tersentak daku sambil membuai ALiya yang baru 2 tahun masa tu. Amboi amboi!!

butterflutter .. you know what .. stories like these are more palatable than the protection money boys are made to pay to some really really no-to-great boys. that made bulu-roma ku naik-naik.

famyGirl said...

*geleng kepala* ohmy... budak2 zaman sekarang. akan ku jadikan post ini sebagai panduan (jika perlu) buat masa akan datang :)

mama23beas said...

Now I know how 'creative' an 8-year-old can get these days. Thanks for sharing...and that's how the Ikea founder started doing his business as a kid...I mean lebihkurang la;). With guidance from parents,they will be just find.

mosh said...

but seriously, i thought she was very entrepreneurial. i mean, it's good that she had some kind of business sense in her that should be nurtured instead of suppressed. it was a willing buyer, willing seller basis pun kan? not like she was torturing them to buy those photocopies anyway...