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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ariz needs a haircut. Fullstop.

He has sideburns reaching way below his ears. And his hair has surpassed his collar too. His sisters are calling him ARIZ-A now.

What's worse is that, a month ago, he took a pair of scissors and nipped off a bunch of hair at the top of his head, so that needs attending to.

But he refuses to have a haircut.

First, he ran out of our friendly barber mamak at BJ.

Then he screamed bloody murder at the barbers at TTDI Jaya and Tesco.

When we were at Kedah, we thought, let's try the Malay barbers. Until he saw the typical barber shop's chairs and started to throw himself on the floor, screaming and dangerously tugged himself away from me, trying to run away.

Last night, we were at a neighbourhood's salon for Aliya, Ayisha and Adani's haircuts. Ayisha & Adani wanted shoulder length hair, their fringes were left the same length. They look much much neater and cuter too. Ayisha suddenly acquired cheeks! Adani looked plumper and chubbier. I negotiated with Aliya to trim her long hair. From 2 inches off, we struck 1 inch off. Fine.

Then I said to Ariz. "Boleh potong rambut tak ?"

Eyes buldged. "Mummy!! Ariz BOY la! Mummy girl. Ariz kan BOY!" He had this incredulous look on his face that made me feel like an idiot. Ha ha ha.

"I know, but auntie tu pun boleh potong rambut boy jugak, kan ?"

"NO. Iz nak potong rambut dengan TOI" "WHAT??"

Note: He has this fascination with Toi, the AF6 guy. Ariz dresses himself with a t-shirt and an unbutton shirt with jeans. Like Toi, he said.

Then he mumbled some dissatisfaction of the whole ludicrous idea of him getting a haircut at a girl's place and I heard the name Toi being mentioned every now and then.

He then puts on my large Guess shades.

Sigh! Anak jantan ku sorang.

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

Baru nak kata try pi salon. Salon pun tak jalanlah ya. We initially had problem with afiq last time but finally he went for his 1st hair cut di KB barber melayu and masa tu kebetulan tak ramai org.

Ariz suka Toi? Hannah pun...maybe sebab nama macam toys :-)

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. yup .. that was kinda the last resort .. the salon. no can do. the thing is, it's not his first haircut. grrrr ...

ha ah ler .. nama dekat nak sama dengan toys .. yup, those two sure think alike .. ye la .. aren't they like 2 days apart kan ?

zan said...

errr ariz ada powder his nose using your compact tak?

my boys play with my compact n d lipsticks...yishhh!!

Gartblue said...

zan! I am very careful about doing it in private .. karang anak lelaki dok letak bedak, anak pompuan dok perabih kan mekap aku ..

but ariz now knows that he wears baju melayu and pakai songkok nak sembahnyang. no more telekung or tudungs! .. lega!!!

theotheraj said...

dia ada trauma gunting rambut ke? tergunting telinga ke hehe

Gartblue said...

screw .. Ish takde la camtu. Just developed a phobia w barbers. Tragic la u ni !

mosh said...

get him a general anesthesia to get a haircut ehehe.

i don't even know who toi is.

mamarawks said...

I'm not eligible to give any advice. Takde pengalaman..

but maybe you need to brings his boy cousin and get hair cut together-gether...

Gartblue said...

mosh .. a GA for a haircut? that reminds me of an auntie who had to order a GA for her to-be-sunat son. yikes! the RM21 procedure quickly became a RM800 hospital stay. Ha ha ha .. the kid was so nervous, he was became hypertensive .. ouch!

ooo I forget. u don't have astro. maybe you shud form a club or something. name it.


mamarawks .. hmmm that's a thought. Maybe I could borrow Nobita's boys and give all haircuts, even if they've had one recently!

*calls up Nobita*

theotheraj said...

my youngest bro had the phobia too. sampai la umur berapa eh, 7 tahun kot baru berani nak gunting rambut kat kedai.

anak2 aku? fearless. macam ayah diorang haha

BDP said...

jadi teringat pasha masa first time kat barbershop.. blm paham lagi dia konsep mengunting rambut.. eheheh... now entah la... kalau dulu my brother masa kecik kena gunting sekali kat salon... ;) ariz ni terlebih pandai agaknya... :P