Angry, Bad-Tempered and Cross

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been such a long long no-blogging time for me.

Opps. Before I ramble on, Selamat Hari Raya to all 16 of you my loyal blog-readers. I seek your forgiveness in any wrongdoings I have done in my action, in my speech and in my writings too. Mintak maaf ye.

That out. Now's the story.

I've been really sick the past week or so. Very very very rare for me, this has been. Viral fever, which started with MrGart 2 days after we came back to his place and it quickly hopped on to Ariz, Adani and Ayisha and even me. I thought I was made of stronger and sterner stuff. Nope. I succumbed to it too. Aliya was left holding the fort.

Ariz had a febrile fit episode on first raya night. He was 40C and I was very very alarmed. For the next 2 nights, in my spinning head and fatigued self, I watched him sleep, unable to let myself fall asleep, worrying if his fever would spike and induce yet another scary fit episode. Alhamdulliah. That's the only one.

We came home on 3rd Raya and picked my parents from their 34-days umrah. All went well. On Monday, I stayed home and slept on that couch all day long. Btw, Andes was still away on her Raya leave and luckily MrGart was on leave. I felt absolutely rotten. My whole body ached and when I coughed, my chest might as well explode. It certainly felt like it. Such humbling experience.

Ariz was still feverish and since it's already day 6 or 7, I obliged to Zithromax for him and Amoxy for him. We never take antibiotics. But I was worried about the prolonged fevers and secondary infection for Ariz. Me, I wanted to feel anything other than utter crappiness I felt at that time. But, I had a bit of a reaction to the antibiotic, ulcers and sore gums. I also lost my appetite, thought that's not such a bad thing.

Anyhow. I'm back at the office to a loadful of stuff to do. Feeling better now. Hope the ulcers and the sore gums would heal soon. I've also lost close to 5 kgs in the past week that I've been sick.

Well. Ariz is well now, still snotting every now and then. The girls are better too. And the maid is back. The house is back to its spotless condition and I can stop being the angry, bad-tempered and cross rhinoceros that I have been.

Chorus from Ariz's fav song in Animal Jungle CD (picked up from Mothercare a zillion years ago but much much loved and sang along to on countless car trips) :

Rhino, Rhino ..
We're very sorry please
We thought you were
Angry, bad-tempered and cross,
We didn't mean to tease

Rhino, Rhino,
You must think we are mean
You're the kindest,
The nicest
The friendliest beast
The jungle's ever seen.

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

seriously, those 4 kilos is visible :p

Gartblue said...


i hope they're not making me look too gaunt. is that why you left your goreng pisang here with me ?

mamarawks said...
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mamarawks said...

oh... such a scary episode.. time raya pulak tu...patutla senyap je cik gart..

i hope by now everything tune back to normal...

eh? selamat hari raya cik gart.. tak pe raya sebulan...

theotheraj said...

come eat nasi padang in singkapoh with me, terus dapat 10kilos

elisataufik said...

wahhh I also want to fall sick lah kalau boleh lose 5 kilos...

Selamat Hari Raya to you too!

BDP said...

aduh gart d biru... kasian banget sih lebaran2 sakit... kita jg udah kena tuh tahun lalu lebaran di emergency pasha demam tinggi.. syukur lah klo semuanya udah sehat.. met lebaran ya.. kapan kita boleh silaturahmi ke rumahnya??

Gartblue said...

mamarawks .. thanks babe .. things have alhamdulillah return to normal .. kinda la .. raya sebula ek ? takpe .. saya accept open house invitation awak!

screw .. nasi padang .. wheehoo .. boleh boleh .. pick me up at swissotel for dinner on monday night, the 3rd nov can ?

elisa ... wahhh kau sungguh teruja nampaknya .. he he he .. but it was a big price to pay la babe .. but the weight looks awesome ..

diah .. thanks diah .. memang risau banget .. tapi things are better now .. only my voice sounds like ella .. very the sexy one! .. ha ha ha .. biila mau kerumah ? bila-bila saja .. nanti kita calling-calling ah ..

zan said...

alaa cian...

i think musim laa budak2 can catch up with blogging world ehh.

theotheraj said...

pick you up with what, my arms? patah bahu gue haha..

nantilah, kita sama2 menapak from swissotel to any nearby nasi padang stalls haha