Rehearsal Story

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomorrow's a big day for me.

After the long 3 years of bslogging away the books and the notes and the messed up and karat brain, I finally will walk up the aisle and receive the scroll for my Master degree.

Today I was at the Rehearsal and boy o boy. This was a BIG event. Very ceremonious, mind you. A culture shock, I had.

The last graduation I attended at UMIST, UK was kinda low-key. We came, were given robes, he high-fived, we laughed and we joked around. We walked up and receive the scroll in whatever pose or whatever style one prefers. The mood was joyous and utter relief.

Here in the Boleh-land. We were told that the graduation ceremonies are solemn in nature.

You shall stand at THIS SPOT. Then THAT SPOT. Then THE OTHER SPOT. You shall walk THIS way. Stand on THAT cross. Curtsy THIS way. Turn your head THIS way. Hold out your hands to receive the flat SCROLL this way. Turn it so the logo faces THIS way. Then walk off the stage, smilingly. NEVER jump, and never wave. Then walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS the hall to your seat.! Hmmmmmmmm..

This is so new to me.

Very very ceremonious. Almost cultural. I'm the granduand number 2 to be walking up and I told Isaac who's the first and the best stduent for 2008 to better not screw up and make me look bad. Ha ha.

Being the number 2, I sit at the very front row, 2 steps from the Gamelan team. Entertainment, I thought.


Hope I won't trip tomorrow, insyallah.

p/s How does one wear the mortarboard when one wears the must-not-scrunch-awning tudung ? Should I wear bawal instead ?

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

ha'ah to wear that? letak kat belakang sikit supaya tak ganggu that awning, boleh?

yes, make sure u tak trip and don't forget to stand HERE, then HERE, yada yada yada hahaha...

ehhh congrats laa weii *muahs*

jgn lupa tepek gambo sekeping kat sini..besaq2 tau!

BeeLOVE said...

congratulations!! alaa with happy faces and all, awning tuh belakang kira, mesti cun nyeee. glowing glowing gitu

OndeOnde said...

Wah!!! big events that one!!!! ya lah camana tak nak spoil kan awning zan said, pakai kat belakang sikit lepas tu letak pin kalau takut tetiba jatuh ke belakang!!!


Anonymous said...

remember to at least wear pants. janga nak moon the audience lak

elisataufik said...

i wont even tell you what i did at mine. A journalist even noticed. urghhhh

famyGirl said...

we want pictures!! :)
and congrats babe. it was all worth it, no?

hari tu jumpa tak rosak awning pon ;)

Gartblue said...

zan, beelove, OO, famy, screw and elisa .. sorry ah babe .. tak sempat nak membalas komen kat sini .. am putting up the graduation post . with pictures, so brace yourself!