Slow Slow La Ni ..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is what Ariz would always say when I remind to walk instead of run. But instead of slow-slow, he'd say llo-llo which sounds very very cute.

He's really a talkative person these days. I seemed to recall worrying about him not speaking much. Seems aeons ago.


Is it me or MukaBuka is so the very s-l-o-w these freaking days?


MrWifeyNuclear has challenged to a gazzilion number of WordTwist games and I have not been able to rise to his challenges cos the MukaBuku refuse to load or even if it does, it gets stuck on a page I've to wait and wait and wait.

But don't me wrong here. I ain't sitting here at the office staring at MukaBuku all the time. I work too. I work smart, did I tell you before?


I've googled about it and I think most ppl think MukaBuku has too many applications installed like Who's Your Face Most Likely Look Like? and Give A Penny Back and Screw The Management, Sign the Petition. So apparently these meaningless applications are slowing the the homepage loads.

Ah well.

MrWifeyNuclear can sit and wonder if ever he's gonna be better than me. I'll let him suffer until I get my hands on the games.

Till then. I'll keep pressing the F5 and knock my head against the table.

p/s Am supposed to be having ayam golek with MrWifeyNuclear. Aku dah lapar dah ni. Cissss!

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

i wonder who is the mrswifeynuclear

Gartblue said...

mosh .. wanna know? next berjaya trip boleh ?