Tudung Frenzy .. Gulp

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I confess.

I succumbed to the tudungs by the Munawwarah. I've resisted them for so long. Since masa dulu-dulu, when they had that serkup thing. Which have vanished completely from the shelves or rather tables at the shop. Dulu 1 outlet, now 4 you!! Gua teruja!

Anyway. I accompanied a friend looking for a jubah during Ramadhan and came back with 3 tudungs! Such such weak resistance I have. *hangs head in shame*

The moss green is my penultimate favourite. I wore the pink one during Raya and gosh, people just couldn't look past my tudung. Penat aku cerita aku beli kat mana. Pressor! Nasib baik diorang kata aku cun, kalau tidak, memang la.

Tapi seriously. I've seen the tudungs before. Especially on a lot of you here. *points to you, you, you and you* But the prices scared me uhm rather shitless. But the thing is that, once you've tried one on, you start to make sense of the price tag and you start to see it in a different light. Berpinar-pinar gitu.

I for one, has very ticklish neck. Those tudungs where you wrap around your neck and slip the ends at your cheeks are major no-no for me. I'm already squirming at the mere thought of them. Can't have anything near my neck. If MrGart is afraid of heights, I can't have anything on my neck. Call it a neck-ophobia for lack of a better, more accurate jargon for it.

So, the tudungs just eliminate that for me and they look really really nice. The colours are retro too, very classy and none of those blaring or glaring primary colours. The only way I can describe the colours is using at least 2 words. The one I just bought for Nobita is kinda mossy green-ish with a tinge of pink-ish and beige-ish too

Anyhow. I've burnt a rather huge hole in my imitation handbag. So, I'll just go and ogle over my new purchases and hope that MrGart misses this post.

BTW, the pinkish-purplish-vogue-ish no-belah tudung I just bought is OH-SO-GORGEOUS! Hehehe.

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mamarawks said...

ohh.. ni yg panjang lebar version vs your facebook status tu...

eh? mana aci on description je.. jadik la model skali..

off topic: how did you put comment box in the same page.. nak tiru nak tiru..

Ummu Layth said...

la mana gambar tudung nya?? nak nengok! :)

Nina Zan said...

Suka je taruk post tipu.

Tak caya.
Tak caya.

We need evidence.

Gartblue said...

mamarawks .. ish tak boleh letak model .. nanati MrGart marah ramai admirers .. hahahaha .. psst .. go to Dashboard, Setting, Comments .. tengok under Comment Form Placement, then click, Embedded Under Post. There!

ummulayth .. ala .. I ni kan pemalu .. he he he..

ninazan .. cisss .. betul babe .. tengok la .. *twirl around with gorgeous tudung on* ..

tak nampak?

*twirl somemore*

still tak nampak?

ko pg check mata seround.

zan said...

auwwww....tapi mana gambarnya?? ciss... takpe2 esok tepek kat mukabuku pose ala2 zeta,jill dan nina hehehe...1st thingin the morning in the car wokeh?? mulut tu kena juih sikit, angle mesti kena hehehe...

eeehh tapikan mmg betullah...i tangkap cintan bila masuk kedai tu is with the colors variety...dan sememangnya daku telah lama kepingin nak ke sana lagi..asyik2 tgk purse hahah...

OndeOnde said...

ha! kan dah kata, kalau sekali dah pakai tudung ni susah nak pakai tudung lain dah but for me now it has become an extremely expensive items..dah lama tak tukar tudung babe..drooling jer lah tengok orang pakai tudung baru!! Aaaaaanyway, insyaAllah the kedai is there..ada rezeki boleh pi beli *wink

weh! I want pics!!

ery kumagai said...

good for you.

whilst me now working on cheapo tudungs since halfpayandmoreothercommitments now.

but one good thing i learn, it's no matter wht price u donned, but self confidence tht makes u shine out.

(kata2 sedapkan hati sendiri lah ni sebenarnya)