Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay okay, that's not exactly how my bread turned out. But it was very very close. Very!

I would've taken a picture of it but it was 10-ish last night and I got lazy to get the phone. I could've taken the sliced bread topped with butter and jam I brought in this morning, but they're all devoured already. So, heck. Imagine okay?

It's called the Golden Honey Oat Bread and it's such a big success to me, I'm grinning stupidly now. It's soft, it's brown, it's raised, it looks like bread and it was hugely puffed. I am so pleased with my self. And it tastes wonderful too. Yippee!

I guess it helps that I searched high and low for Vital Gluten Wheat (click here to find out where you can get it in KL) and finally found it at Pastrypro. Honestly, I've never made breads this soft, but then again I don't make a lot of bread, anyways.


I'm not sure how the kids would take to the not-so-white slices of bread. But Ariz was munching a slice last night. BTW, since MrGart was not at dinner, I made chicken soup with pasta and put it teensy-wensy daun bawang in it for color. That caused a big pick-greens-off-my-soup debacle with Ariz & Adani. Sigh! Aliya & Asha are big enough to stuff the greens under a pasta shell and quickly chuck the offending greens in the sink when they're done. Grrrr !!

Wish I'd brought more in cos I pine for some now. MrGart had 2 warm slices of the bread when he came home from his badminton session last night. He grunted. Approved!

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

ooo laa laaa...i so lurveeee honey oat bread..Hi5 used to produce this but now dah takdak...

baca this entry made me drool laa gart..tensionnya!!

so, yg ini pun jual jugak ker?

famyGirl said...

roti untuk home delivery tak buat ke? *hint!hint!*

Lollies said...

asal bila aku balik tak ada pun ko bake bake ke apa? *pouts*

rotidua said...

tak caya lah.

cuba buat lagi sekali, amik gambar pastu bagi kiter rasa.

*geleng kepala*


we need hard evidence.

Gartblue said...

zan .. sedap you roti I tau !! ... tension? meh sini I makan depan u nak ? ish takdela .. karang bila nak jual, tak naik pulak .. malu le gua ..ha ha ha

famy .. yikes .. uhmm uhmm .. boleh boleh .. kasi calling-calling can ?

lolls .. ala lolls .. ada apa ? *thinking hard what I baked for lolls* .. *hugs* .. psst got the anwar al-awlaki cds from azen .. you're right .. he's really appealing ..I'm on CD3 for the Hereafter series .. thanks babe .. kau la pujaan ku!

roti .. eeee nyampahnya I .. tak caya? cisssss .. ni ha dah dalam perut aku ni .. takpe takpe .. there'll be tomorrow .. nanti aku ambik gambar ye ..

Cherry said...

sama mcm MsFamy ... homedelivery pls. rumah i lagi dekat tau. or kalau susah sgt, you SMS kalau dah siap, nanti one of the boys pergi pick up naik basikal ke.