Roaring Away the Afternoon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amelia the Butterfly and Ariz the Tiger, at the Bukit Jelutong Masjid Open House last weekend.

Ayisha and her painted face. She's so pleased with them, she didn't wanna wash it off.

Even Aliya couldn't resist. She opted for a half face with crowns and stuff.

I just realised I didn't have Adani's full frontage picture, so I guess this would have to do.

We had fun. The kids had fun. I had great food. Rojak & cendol Karim's were just outta this world. The company was great, the food's better. We all went home, content.

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

elisataufik said...

and what did you make??

Gartblue said...

uhmmm .. I made IT!

ha ha ha ha .. actuallynya it was Saturday la babe .. my neighbour picked the kids up to the masjid while me and MrGart were at my graduation ceremony .. we arrived to a bunch of painted faced kids .. itula yang terlebih ayu pegi open house masjid. awwwwww ...

zan said...

who painted their face? i love ariz the tigerrr heheh...cute la weii..ehh adani punya pun not bad :)