We Braved the Masjid

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Or was it the other way around ?

Anyhow. For the past *counts* *gulp* 10 years, I have not been to a masjid. I haven't been there for Terawikh, Hari Raya, Raya Korban or even their classes. It's almost shameful, really because we have in BJ, one of the most active, homely and great mosque around. *head hungs low*

Everytime Ramadhan comes, I pine to go. But then again, looking at the brood. I hesitated.

First, there was Aliya. We were living with my parents at Gombak and some nights I managed to sneak out with my twin, Nobita.

Then Ayisha came. We've moved to BJ and maidless. So, no question about that. I've heard about the meriahness of the masjid and I bit my lip.

Then Adani came along. Andes was here. But sneaking out of the house after a whole day OUT of the house for work was just not on for me. Even though Adani was a very very obedient baby, I couldn't risk bothering the other makmum but I couldn't bear to be away from them, even during the nights.

So, Ariz came along. This little boy was a very very boisterous little dynamite. Couldn't sit still. Picks a fight with each one of the sisters at least twice a night.

But he's 3 and a half years old now. Big enough, I deemed. So, last night, we took the plunge. We bundled them all in telekungs and MrGart put on Ariz's baju Melayu for him (which distracted him from wanting to wear telekung too) and we went to the masjid.

Boy! It was meriah allright. There were so many people around. Kids? Quite a number too. I managed to get a spot for us at the anjung, at the every end, almost luar. For ease of controlling the kids.

Aliya and Ayisha were very good and did all 8 rakaats without being distracted.

Adani did 2 rakaats of Isya' and then spotted Nabilah, her friend from school, then Jehan, another friend and by 3rd rakaat was whispering their names. Once Isya' was done, they're already outside, chitchatting loudly.

Ariz during Isya' was staring at me, making funny faces, then he sat and moved my sejadah with his feet. Then he started to hop hop hop around a whole short saf I was in. Grrr !

Then the commotion began. Adani's group grew larger, I never knew where these 5-yo girls emerged from. Ariz found Dhamiral, a friend of our street and they were LOUD! I hissed and I pssstt-ed. But they were loud still.

But the good thing was, 8 rakaat of Terawikh was not all that long. It was over before I thought it would be. That quick.

I met up with neighbours and friends I haven't seen for a while. I asked CheDa whether it was alright for me to bring the kids. She didn't mind. I asked Teacher Asiah too, but she was in the same boat with her 3-yo daughter. I asked Teacher Aliza and she's alright with it, telling me that she's done with small kids and laughed it off.

I thought it was all right, actually. I'd like to go again. I love the idea of "mengimarahkan" masjid but I fear that I'm distracting other makmum. Hmmm ... Should I brave it again?

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

i know it's nice to introduce our kids to the masjid, but kadang tu rasa bersalah bawak diorang kalau2 tak reti dok diam. kang ganggu orang lain lak..

Anonymous said...

Akak sungguh bangga, dik. Teruskan usahamu! ahahhah

I wouldn't mind the kids but my mom tak gemar sikit. Like you said lar, ganggu makmum lain.

Gart the Blue said...

screw .. you read my mind babe. aku tengah rasa bersalah la ni. but I think I tried once and if I think maybe it's too early, I may retract. Better than never to try eh?

akakroti .. yup ... I noticed certain icy stares around. *gulp*

Anonymous said...

maybe the small ones boleh tinggalkan kot, yg dah paham tu boleh le bawak2. tapi kadang kat masjid ni, yg sibuk borak pun bukannya budak2. yg dah belia dewasa pun ada yg gitu.

Gart the Blue said...

screw ... i tried leaving the small ones for all possible occassions that require no small ones around. but have you tried to shake off your small ones? worse than belangkas .. they're stuck on me and wouldn't let go. it's either all or none at all. ha ha ha ..

Lana said...

i'd like to go, me & the 2 elder boys. tapi, yg melekat mcm belangkas tu is not the younger kids, tapi the guilt feeling sebab nanti bila balik diorang dah tido.. ke, i'm just giving lame reason eh?

Gart the Blue said...

oh lana ... that's exactly why I didn't go for those years .. guilty giler kalau pegi and then balik diorang dah tido. dahla satu hari Mummy kerja. sedey babe!

so, I take ALL of them to the masjid. he he he ...

mamarawks said...

i feel ya for those your past 10 years reason as it happens to me now.. sedey tau! tapi malu jugak tau tak mencuba...

takpe at least kanak2 yg buat bising tu celik sikit mata jemaah yg ngantuk, bley?

Gart the Blue said...

mamaraks .. mmg celik batul mata diorang .. ala-ala jegil gitu .. ha ha ha .. me and my straight face terpaksa maintain macho .. hahah

elisataufik said...

ya lor, quite a dillema this.