Day 8 of Ramadhan

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm proud, alhamdulillah to announce that Ayisha at 7-will-be-8-in-dec has been fasting straight since Day 1. She has the largest eyes during sahurs and has not qualms about waking up and eating at odd hours. Last year she did 14 days, off days were due to sakit perut, fevers and excusable events.

She has such a weakness for food smells. I made french toast with cheese for Adani & Ariz on saturday and she was visibly drooling and pined for it. BUT. But she didn't ask to break her fast. She made me promise to make some for her during sahur. Yes sir! Even when the lil' ones were munching fries in the car, she held her forte. I'm so proud of her, my little princess.

Aliya has been fasting too. She's a veteran and only missed 2 days last year, due to fevers. This girl seriously is liat to bangun. She'd be the one to menggeliat sana, menggeliat sini, baring balik and then baru la nak bangun. Aliya has a habit of sleep talk too. If she's asleep in front of the TV at night, waking her up to walk up to her room requires, strict hand-holding. Otherwise, she'd go open the front door, or to the kitchen opening up the freezer, whatever it is she remembers from the fragments of her dream. But she's never sleep-walk before, alhamdulillah. Teringat Najwa, roti's princess.

Adani has been "fasting" at school only, according to her. Hmmmm.

Ariz is .. errr not fasting and eating in front of the sisters as only Ariz could do.

Meanwhile, I've restocked the fridge and freezer on Sunday. I aim to cook at least 2 dishes a night which one should last into sahur. I aim to make various mee hailam, mee goreng, mee siam, mee singapore, mee udang (err maybe not) too so as not bore the fasting girls.

Last night I made bubur tak lambuk (no coconut) and soto. The kids lapped at it and sejuk hati aku bila makan camtu. I should also add here that our office canteen opens about 11-ish to scores of customers. The laukpauks are fairly reasonable and the best is that I know them and their food quality. So, I normally get a bizzare lauk or two i.e. the ones I'll not likely cook like siput sedut and some kuihs.

Today I bought their keladi asam pedas and daging masak kicap kot. Looks gorgeous. The keladi is a must. Menjilat jari! Tapi yang makannya aku seorang saje, as MrGart doesn't eat any asam pedas or fanciful ingredients like keladi. Rugi kan ? I have kuih kaswi, kuih lopes and seri muka but with pulut hitam. He he he. Serba dua. Itu aje la. All those cost me RM8. Great!

I plan to masak kurma ayam malam ni and pisang awak semalam boleh digoreng. Campur dengan air sirap. Baru pukul 11:30am ni!

Anyhow. Opps I should also mention my day started badly.

First I woke up late. Err own fault. Then Ariz woke up and I had to bawak dia pusing. Then there's a huge jam at the BJ toll plaza. Worse, while I was going through the Smartag lane, the 2 cars behind me were jostling each other and was super-close to my rear, so my Smartag didn't beep but I was through. Hmm.

I had an uneasy feeling and was at TnG lane at Damansara only to be stopped when the indicator flashed RM 44.80 to charge to my card and I've negative value. WHAT??? Apparently, my Smartag didn't register at BJ and coming out with no record of coming in, I was penalised for RM44.80. I was advised to register a complaint. Dang!

That done. A car stalled and my lane stalled until I switched lanes. The traffic was horrendous. I arrived at 8:14am, sheepishly very late. Sigh! Today is also MrGart's first day at his newly transferred office in Putrajaya. Sigh!

*bau keladi asam pedas kat sini. hmmm ..

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Lana said...

i read, "pisang awak semalam boleh digoreng" and thought somebody gave you pisang.. reading again baru faham, pisang awak rupanya. heheh..
i'm planning what to cook for iftar gak ni

Gart the Blue said...

lana lana .. kalau screwboy .. he'd think the other extreme of pisang ..

Lana said...

hahaha... nama pun screwboy

theotheraj said...

i don't do pisang jokes haha..

whooaa enche gart sekarang di putrajaya.. apa lagi, bukak puasa shangri la ah