Thought I Had Help

Monday, September 22, 2008

I don't often blog about work. Unless it's one of those venting-off sessions where expletives are commonly blanked off and replaced with kid-friendly expressions. Of which there were many.

Anyway, I already have a life working full time, so the blog aims to just channel my energy and whatever left of my creative juice flowing. Hence no work blog.

But this is a whiny post, so excuse me.

Well you see. I recently changed portfolio. I used to have a broader scope but now I'm focused on 2 major fuels in the industry and everything around it, the price, the volume, the tonnages, the problems, the people, the markets and the highlights. It's a lot of hard work, mind you. I was doing it for the whole of last year, as part of my job, but it soon grew to be a menace, so, I was put here to manage it and put my finger on it, lest it goes astray and the house of cards would come down.

I had my faithful engineer Hez with me before, helping me to stem over the brouhaha over the many issues we have. I've entrusted her with things I knew she could perform without my supervision. Then I left that post and came here. So I lost Hez.

I then gained a new engineer. Call him Helm. He's one of those very upbeat, eager-beaver and gotta-get-moving kinda person. I kinda like him. But I get the nagging feeling that he's not too interested in what I do and what he's to do. Though he hid it well.

Anyhow. Last Friday, I learnt that Helm has resigned. He's gone off to Ukraine to accompany wifey. Good reason I guess. I would resign too if I have a spouse in a foreign land. Heck! I'd resigned too if MrGart could whisk me off to a strange land where I could explore their bread and the country.

Well. The point is that. I have no assistant now. Uwaaaaaaa. Dang!

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

elisataufik said...

but wont you get a new assistant?

nae said...

Sabor le makcik..karang dapat le replacement

Nina Zan said...

ada kerja kosong la gamaknya ni?

mosh said...

who's this helm again?

Gartblue said...

elisa .. in the long run, I guess. But I'm lobbying to pull hez over. he he ..

nae .. tengah sabor le ni .. aku penat dah ni .. kerja banyak ..

nina .. yup kerja kosong, tapi takyah apply ler .. gaji sikit.

mosh .. obviously not at the helm yet.

famyGirl said...

i know that feeling. dulu-dulu i punyalah train sorang ni, let's call him Mr L, tunjuk ajar segala-gala sebab he is supposed to be my back up in case of emergencies and such. tapi tup-tup in a month, dia resign, and not because he had to move to a foreign land. it's because dia dapat kerja lain. so gerammmmm!!! at least cakap lah he planned to temporarily stay at the job. cisss.

i hope you get Hez back :)

Gartblue said...

famy .. you share my frustration .. i sure hope I get Hez back .. psst .. u've been around more virtually now .. more time on your hands ?

JoKontan said...


Buat mana yang mampu la kan..

Our contract with the co, clearly stipulate 8-5:30.

Kalau lebeh, the co, wouldn't pay lebeh pun.
Kalau kurang they'll deduct.

At the end of the year, the bosses were given mebbe 4%-6% to distribute among subordinates.

Yang super-terror dapat la lebih, tuu pun amek from the same bowl.
Yang kurang sikit, kena bagi kepada the super-terror. Hmmm.

Most importantly, we enjoy our working-living days, by completing the tasks, etc.

And Family Always Comes First.

Have Fun

p/s padanlaaaa dok nampak TDHemsom Gart around Eastern Road...

Cherry said...

laaa weh, all my team (2 permanent + 4 contracts) gone after the eMeSeS , tinggal le daku + 1 contract left. lepas tak berapa bulan the 1 contract pun gone. ber"kungfu" le daku sorang2 for close to 2 years. baru 2-3 bulan lepas dapat 1 permanent staff. legee sikit le. motto baru - do less with less.

tony said...

hope you get help soon GB

Gartblue said...

jokontan .. betul tu ... musti kena ikut kontrak .. u shud know this Kompeni kan .. haah .. MrGart tengah bersemangat meng-rehab cable-cable di Putrajaya sana ..

cherry .. guess aku tak leh komplen lebih-lebih .. u're a lot worse than me .. but yup .. do less with less. love that motto.!

tony .. thanks .. are u back, blogging ?